I Bet You Would Love A Poutine!

I Bet You Would Love A Poutine!
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Do you love french fries?  Of course, you do: EVERYONE loves french fries.  Simple, salty, savory, deep fried potatoes.  And if you do, in fact, love french fries, have you ever tried them with cheese?  Maybe you’ve had french fries smothered in cheese and sour cream and chives and bacon beats—like a baked potato (but, you know, fried).

Well, in Canada—and particularly in Quebec—there is an incredible local delicacy called the Poutine.  And if you like anything in the above paragraph, then you’ll want to know all about this local dish.  

And by the way, the poutine consists of “chips” (twice fried potatoes), cheese curds, and brown gravy.

A Quick History on the Poutine

Perhaps you have put two and two together and deduced that “poutine” must be derived from the French, since it is popular in a particularly French region of Canada.  You probably know, too, that Canada was settled by the French so some provinces are notably more French-influenced than others.  

Well, believe it or not, the dish did not actually come from ancient French culinary traditions.  While its exact origin is unknown, most people seem to believe that it originated in rural Quebec, Canada, near the end of the 1950s.

Yes, its birth was that recent.  

Many provinces claim they were the ones who first developed it, but none have been proven right.  The most common of these claims are in the Victoriaville, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and Drummondville regions at some time before 1964.  Before that time, there was a “chips, cheese, and gravy,” that was quite popular in the United Kingdom. In particular, people in Scotland and to the North of England seemed to enjoy it. This would have been about the turn of the 20th century.  

Where Did the Term Come From?

Perhaps the most confusing aspect of the poutine is its name. While there is evidence that similar dishes were somewhat commonplace around 1901 and the dish became popular in Canada in the 1960s, the name given to the dish was actually not officially coined until 1982.  However, the word “poutine” was roots that you can trace back as far as 1810. Some even go so far as to argue that the word is an evolution of the English word “pudding,” used to describe a dessert dish made from flour or from bread crumbs (which would have actually been called “pouding”.)

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