Belize and its Fun Snorkeling Experience in Details

by Diane Pauls | March 24, 2019 11:18 am

 Where is Belize?

With dense jungles to its west and the beach on its east, Belize is a coastal national on the East Coast of Central America, to the east of Guatemala. Belize is well-known for the Belize Barrier reef, Mayan Ruins and most prominently snorkeling. Let’s take a ‘dive’ and explore the snorkeling experience Belize has to offer.

Snorkeling Months and Time

It’s best to avoid the monsoon, because of mosquitoes (get yourself vaccinated before the trip), and hurricanes. Monsoon starts from around the end of May and lasts till November. It’s best to visit around March-April, as the weather and water remain calm and prices remain low. It is advisable to snorkel in the morning as wind speeds rise in the afternoon.

Locations for Staying

For snorkeling in belize[1], it is recommended to stay near Ambergris Caye. However, if you wish to stay away from the usual tourist location, then Caye Caulker is your place. It’s best to stay away from Belize City as its crime infested.

Best Snorkeling Locations:

So, what’s holding you back? Pack up your bags for snorkeling in Belize.

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