Mahabaleshwar tour: A complete guide for the travel monger in you

Mahabaleshwar tour: A complete guide for the travel monger in you
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Maharashtra has always been a treasure chest of nature’s most beautiful assets, and the town of Mahabaleshwar is one of them. This quaint little place boasts of evergreen forests and is engulfed with several yards of strawberry plantations. The strawberries grown here are exported to all parts of the world, and must I add, the demand never falls. Though it’s scarcely populated, the winter months of November to January witnesses travellers from all parts of the country flocking around here.

Mahabaleshwar can be regarded as the prettiest part of Maharashtra, for each and every corner and aspect of this town has touched the heart of every tourist who has ever visited. Though accommodation has never been a major issue with Mahabaleshwar hotels, pre-booking is next to mandatory if you want to enjoy a hassle-free experience. The warmth and hospitality of people from this area have made a mark on many of its visitors. 

Here’s a list of places that are worth visiting in Mahabaleshwar, and given below are some of the activities one must engage in while in the town.

Experience the magic at Arthur’s Seat

Popularly regarded as the Queen of the Points, Arthur’s Seat is a marvellously constructed viewpoint situated at an altitude of 1470 m. It offers a magnificent view of Konkan on one side, and Deccan on the other. Arthur’s Seat is not just one but is a collection of six Points located within its premises, namely- Arthur’s Seat Point, Echo Point, Hunter Point, Tiger’s Seat Point, Window Point, and Malcom Point. The spot is a magical one, for light objects when thrown down from the point, often float up in the air, thus lending a visual of flying objects. This actually happens due to the immense air pressure near the end of the cliff, which pushes these objects in the opposite direction. However, this is the “magic” of the spot which charms its visitors for a long time to come.

Relive the history at Pratapgarh Fort

A mountain fort built by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji, Pratapgarh Fort is located on a mountain, at a distance of 24 km from the town of Mahabaleshwar. It offers a stunning view of the coastal Konkan. The main attractions within the fort include the Bhawani Temple and the tomb of Afzal Khan. The fort complex has been divided into two segments, an upper Fort on the hilltop, and a lower Fort facing the south and east directions. The southern side, as of now, mostly remains dilapidated, while the eastern side contains a strong constructive base, ending in the Afzal Buruj. The fort is a wonderful choice to visit if you want to delve into the captivating history behind it, which is narrated passionately by trained guides.

The town of strawberries

Numerous local cafes located centrally in the town of Mahabaleshwar are just the spots one would land up in, to quench their thirst for strawberries. From milkshakes to ice cream shakes, these eateries have visitors stopping at least once to try out their delicacies, and it has been the same for a long time. Strawberries with cream is a local delicacy, and the taste of the fruit grown on the hilly slopes is everything a strawberry lover can ever ask for. Bagicha Corner serves farm-fresh snacks at minimal rates and is a great choice for little refreshments. The town celebrates the Mapro Strawberry Festival in the month of April annually, and this is definitely a prime reason why Mahabaleshwar is crowded during this time too. The Mapro Strawberry Farm hosts this festival, and it is one of the greatest tourist attractions.

Rejuvenate at the Venna Lake

Venna Lake is an artificial lake with immense greenery engulfing its backdrop. It is a popular tourist spot, and also the heart of Mahabaleshwar. One can never find the lake bereft of tourists and still, this spot doesn’t lose out on its serenity and tranquillity. The Lake is surrounded by the lush Chhatrapati Pratapsinh gardens.  Paddling boats are available in abundance as boating is a well-loved activity for tourists throughout the country. The best time to visit the lake is between the months of March to June, as the weather is absolutely pleasant during this time. However, July witnesses Mahabaleshwar being subjected to heavy bouts of rainfall, which often result in the closing of tourist activities in and around the Lake. Kids find the lake premises most amusing due to the presence of several opportunities to engage and have fun. From horse riding to lip-smacking desserts and candy floss, the Venna Lake has everything for everyone. Fishing in the lake is not a prohibited activity, however, it is mandatory that one has authorised permission to do the same. There are several tiny kiosks serving fresh and hot local food and snacks to cater to the gastronomic desires and thus, make the lake a wholesome experience altogether.     Here’s hoping that the places mentioned in this article were useful and served as a complete travel guide for your next Mahabaleshwar trip. Also, don’t forget to book hotels online with Intermiles to avail of amazing discounts. For more information click on the following image:

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