The Sea Areas of Turkey: make a Visit

by Diane Pauls | September 29, 2020 7:22 am

The Turkey brings together everything you need for complete travel, historic sites, resorts, attractive cities, hiking in regions unusual, cruises, and skiing in winter. This allows you to go there all year round for a weekend, a week, or more, as there is so much to see within a few hours of flight from France. The language barrier will quickly be broken by the hospitality of the Turks who consider us to be European cousins. If you want to combine relaxation and discovery of ancient sites, Turkey is for you.

What to visit in Turkey:

Cappadocia: It is in this region that you will find the famous troglodyte cities, towns carved out of the rock. We discover real underground cities like those of Derinkuyu and Kaymaki, or very typical villages of the surroundings such as Göreme , Pasabagi and its churches, the very unusual village of Uchisar , or Urgüp, which all have a very rich ancient past. You can stay in one of them or in Avanos. One attraction to do is to fly over the area in a hot air balloon and have a breathtaking view of Mount Erciyeswhich is one of the two volcanoes that “created” Cappadocia. To observe the most fairy chimneys (rock needles), join the largest concentration that is in the Valley of Devrent. Click in[1] to know more about these regions.


Cappadocia Turkey

Turkey also benefits from an exceptional maritime environment. Bordered by the Black Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, it competes with many destinations in terms of seaside tourism. Many small resorts have sprung up and developed, thanks to the attraction of Turkish beaches and their natural charm. Antalya is one of those little seaside gems, which are full of places to go out to party.

A rich and varied culture

To visit Turkey is to discover a rich cultural heritage. Many of its cities were marked by the passage of the first Christians like Antioch. Other towns like Pergamon (next to Izmir) owe their fame to Homer and Hellenistic stories. Today, the Muslim religion has replaced Christianity in this country. Result? Churches transformed, like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul , a major city to visit absolutely.


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