10 hot tips to travel in a motorhome across Europe

Motor homing is a great way to travel, especially when you are wandering in Europe. If you are a travel enthusiast, you may have traveled in almost every way possible; and you are aware of the fact that motorhome tourism is hard to beat. Traveling in a motorhome is just like being a glorified nomad. You just have to pack when leaving your home. The best thing about traveling is mobility; you can stop anytime, and anywhere; and travel wherever you want to without any worries about hotel bills.

Though we may share different opinions, I must suggest you from my experience that a motorhome is not an ideal option to travel if you plan to travel less than a month. Apart from this, I will also not recommend motorhome traveling if you are not familiar with the roads of Europe. However, you can always explore charted roads with the help of maps. If you opt for a motorhome on your next travel trip across Europe, I recommend you to first make a good plan. A tight schedule never works with a motorhome trip, especially across European Continent. Also, never rush for a snug timetable; as it can cause more problems than you can handle. You should always acquire some basic knowledge of your vehicle, traveling routes and campgrounds across Europe before starting your journey.

When you have finally planned your trip, the first thing is to reach your starting point from your home. As saving is always welcomed and appreciated, I would recommend you to use flight comparison for timing and fares flexibility. You can get cheapest flights to anywhere, depending on your starting point of the trip.

After that, you can fully commit yourself to planning to get the most suitable motorhome for the journey. It is also advisable to acquire your recreational vehicle or motorhome beforehand. There are many ways to do that; you can either rent, lease, or buy a vehicle. In my opinion, you should always rent with an insurance coverage. So, pack up and send your heavy stuff in advance to the motorhome station, so that it can be ready for your arrival. Always remember to read what you sign before getting on the road with your RV.

While traveling, it is important to keep all the essential documents in a small pouch or fanny pack so that it doesn’t cost you anytime when there is a police check post. Also, be friendly and polite with all the tourists and locals you meet; as they can always help you when you stuck any emergency. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy making new friends? Following are 10 important tips to travel in a motorhome across Europe. Make the most of your trip by following them.

Set up a route and stick to it:

Before you even step into your motorhome, you need to set up a route to travel. For a perfect Euro trip, it is best to locate all the important locations, monuments and cities that you want to visit. Then draw a course of travel on a map and make sure you follow it. It is also wise to mark all the gas stations and supply points in advance.

Find places to stay:

Just like setting up a route, you must decide where will you camp or park to sleep. We recommend you to travel at daytime and avoid driving at night. Not only you can see more things in daylight, it is also safe.

Known your motorhome’s length and width:

Before you hit the highway, it is imperative to take your drive for a little trial drive to understand it better. Not only you will get to know it better which will further enhance your drive; you can also determine any problem with it and get it fixed.

Travel with extra fuel:

If you are driving an RV for the first time across Europe, it is better to keep some an extra tank of fuel. Sometimes you may not get the desired fuel in a specific country, or you want to skip a gas refilling stop to save time. It can also come in handy in emergencies.

Mobile internet device:

In this internet age, everything from maps to cloud memories is accessed through the internet. Traveling in exotic locations and remote highways can take that luxury away from you and there is always a possibility of an emergency. So, prepare for the worst and always carry a mobile MiFi device for internet connection. Well, you can also upload some pictures on Instagram and Facebook too!


Parking may not be an issue for the most of the people but trust me on this, parking is the biggest issue when traveling in an RV. You must know that your motorhome is not a regular car, so it cannot fit in regular spaces. So, aim for big spaces that are easy to manage.


Maps are man’s best friend when traveling in an RV. We encourage you to keep hard and soft copies of maps. You can also download different applications of maps from the internet.

Extra power source:

Just like an extra fuel tank, we recommend you keep an extra power source. It can be a small generator, a solar panel or even an inverter.

Toilet alternatives:

When you are living in your motorhome on a road, you may not have the luxury of toilets on request or desire. So, it is wise to plan some alternatives for maintaining hygiene. You can also install a SOG unit if your RV has enough space.


Lastly, you will need all the documents of your vehicle, tax records, and registration along with your personal documents such as passport, driver’s license and identity with you all the time. You should also fill any paperwork related to insurance before starting your trip.

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