3 Tips to Enjoy Siloso Beach and its Outdoor Bar Selection

Siloso Beach is in the heart of Sentosa Island. It is one of three beaches that provide the best of everything. The beach is ideal for a holiday with friends and family since it is jam-packed with restaurants, activities and bar options to enjoy at Sentosa. Visitors may participate in various sports, such as kayaking, cycling, rollerblading, skimboarding, and more. The beach also hosts various spectacular events that take place throughout the year. Siloso is ideal for a lovely, sun-kissed beach getaway.

Here is some information to note if you plan to visit Siloso Beach and its establishments.

#1 How to Reach Siloso Beach

Since Siloso Beach is within Sentosa Island, it is away from the city. Tourists have two options to reach the esteemed beach destination and enjoy the best beach, outdoor activities and bar options around Singapore:

  • Ferry Boat –Siloso Beach is far from the city, and riding a ferry boat is the most straightforward method to get there. You may also discover ferry boats from many areas and at low costs.
  • Bus – Since you need to get to Sentosa Island, you must take a bus using the Sentosa Gateway. This bus service is both pleasant and convenient.

#2 Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Siloso Beach is early morning when the crowds are at their lightest. You may enjoy a gorgeous dawn and peace around this hour. Tourists and visitors may also come in the evening to enjoy the sights of the setting sun and the various Siloso Beach bar and restaurant options that line the coast. Siloso Beach is open to everyone at any hour of the day.

#3 Guidelines

There are a few things every visitor and tourist should remember to enjoy the beach to its fullest:

  • Authorities do not advise swimming in water after consuming alcohol or drugs. If you plan to hit any of the Siloso Beach bar options, ensure that you would do so responsibly.
  • It is also preferable to swim with family or friends than alone.
  • The Siloso beach is never quiet. Spend at least two days, one day and one night, to get the most out of your time there.
  • The Beach Patrol Officers provide basic first aid.
  • Before beginning any activity, thoroughly read all of the instructions.

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