5 benefits of river rafting you should know

Those who have reservations against spending time in the ocean but would like to experience the varying therapeutic effects of water, should try river rafting. We tell you why.

White water rafting, as an adventure sport, has made its place among the varied outdoor activities that one can indulge in.

Not too far away from the cities of Mumbai and Pune, river rafting in Kolad, on the Kundalikariver, has become quite a favourite with people. While not located in the mountains like rafting camps in Rishikesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, the Koladriver rafting camps are mostlyperennial as they are situated along the river banks and depend on the daily release of water from the Mulshi Dam. The water powers through the various undulations along the riverbed and thus produces‘white water’.

You may be aware of the benefits of water therapy for good health, but are you aware of the benefits of river rafting in a both a therapeutic and fun sense?

1 Good physical fitness:River rafting requires a certain amount of physical fitness to pursue, apart from the odd ‘giving it a shot’ experience. There are multiple ways to bring one’s fitness up to the required level in terms of training, or simply rafting often enough to be up to the task.

2 Mind and body union:While the body must be completely responsive while rafting, the very nature of the activity demand a mind and body synchronisation. You cannot do it without a thought – it requires impeccable timing, effort and most of all, a lot of hard work for all those inside the raft.

3 Builds endurance: Paddling through the rapids is not a simple task and requires timing and strength, and works as a great strength builder as well.

4 Promotes teamwork: The entire team needs to (literally) pull its weight while river rafting in Kolad or elsewhere. It is up to each person to exert the same physical and mental strength to pull through the rapids safely and quickly. You must also be able to follow instructions without question, and work in tandem with your team instead of trying to outshine the others.

5 Provides bonding time:Families who seek to have fun together along with getting some exercise should certain try river rafting in Kolad. It is a great activity that can be added on to your holiday plans, with the additional availability of camping, barbeques, waterfall rappelling, and so on.

Apart from the physical nature of rafting, there are deeper benefits that make it a truly fulfilling activity:

  • De-stressing in the great outdoors
  • Therapeutic adrenaline rushes while tackling the rapids
  • The sights and sounds of nature and greenery that surround you
  • The sense of accomplishment that goes with conquering the rapid(s)
  • The almost zen-like nature of being focussed simply on what lies ahead, and oneness of mind and body
  • The complete break that one can experience when river rafting in Kolad, away from the mad hustle bustle of everyday city life