5 Best ways to Explore Rome on Your Own

Rome is an eternal city with so much to offer to the travelers. Historical buildings, interesting build style of the city and cool attitude of people make it a happening place. The best way to experience Rome is experiencing it while doing things the way a localite will do. Moreover, tailor-made Tours of Rome are certainly a put off for an adventurous explorer. So, here we present you 5 interesting ways to explore Rome when you want to move out all on your own and make friends on your way.

  1. Take a virtual tour with Google Street View: If you are a person who loves staying well-informed beforehand, then take help of Google Street View. Rome is the city characterized by labyrinthine pattern of roads that might overwhelm you if you are a first time visitor. So, this virtual tour is a fine way of reducing the gap between offline and online world as it brings the real essence of this city and its road map right on your mobile phone. You can spot landmarks, have a look at the eateries around and find places for hanging out in evenings using this viewing app. If you are not able to explore all of Rome due to time crunch, this Street View option provides you amazing solution to complete your expedition.
  2. Bike tours of the city: Rome is the city with moderate temperature mostly. Thus, your zeal to stay fit and have your running boots on all the time finds the best fit here. You can have most natural feel of the city while biking through the city’s lanes and have a great time. There are self-ride biking tours for couples and groups also available that you can go for to explore this city at its best.
  3. Walking tours: It is totally up to you how you want to explore Rome. If you think that staying stuffed in public transport buses, etc will just take away the charm of being a traveler, you can be all on your own feet too. The walking tours are available to let travelers go through all the main tourist points spread over the city. The area around Central Rome can be explored the best with walking tours. You have the liberty to take a break whenever you want or can stick to a schedule with a guide along.
  4. Rome on Segway: This is one of the most technologically advanced ways to explore Rome. Neither you are walking and sweating it out, nor do you require travelling in bus. Just hop on the Segway, and savor the architectural excellence of buildings etc with a guide to tell you all the stories behind the monuments and important places.
  5. Aerial Tour: Rome looks just awesome from the aerial view. A hot balloon tour or helicopter tour can take you above the famous hills and gardens that offer you a majestic view of the Roman skyline.

So, take a tour of Rome depending upon your budget and gift yourself a time to remember just the way you want!