Commodities in Japan Ski Resorts Are The Cheapest in The World

Japan has a reputation for costing a fortune not helped by reports along the lines of $200 square watermelons, but is it deserved? Not at all! In fact, you may be astounded to learn that in its 2018 Holiday Money Report The Post Office rates Tokyo as the cheapest long haul destination in the World. This is based on the prices of a bottle of water, a hot drink, a can of coke, a bottle of beer, dinner for two with a bottle of wine, a glass of wine, insect repellent and sunscreen, which altogether come to £43.14. This is comfortably cheaper than the same items in Cape Town, the second cheapest city, which cost £54.95.

And not only is Tokyo one of the cheapest cities in the world for everyday commodities, but these prices, which are typical throughout Japan, are also available in ski resorts. This is not to say that you cannot pay more; resorts like Niseko have michelin star restaurants trendy sushi bars and fancy coffee shops, but there are still a tonne of places you can buy everyday items at the costs reported by The Post Office. For example convenience stores, Seicomart and Lawsons in Niseko Hirafu Village sell most of them. If you want a cheap and healthy lunch you can buy an onigiri (Japanese rice ball filled with fish, vegetables or meat) for as little as £0.68.

If you are on the mountain and hungry, you can buy a large set meal including meat, rice, miso soup and pickles with complimentary hot tea and water for around £6.80. We would particularly recommend Boyo-so, right under the Gondola on Niseko’s lower Hirafu slopes as a great choice for hearty lunches and a traditional Japanese ski hut atmosphere.

Vending machines are another great option. Dotted all over Japan, vending machines offer hot or cold drinks at very reasonable prices. Grab a hot tea or coffee from a vending machine at the bottom of the slopes for next to nothing, and enjoy it as you ride the Gondola back up the mountain.

To save money on drinks in the evening, bottles of wine, spirits, beers, sake and chuhai, can also be purchased at Seicomart and Lawsons for very low prices and enjoyed in your accommodation. Tip: a couple of cans of strong chuhai at a value of around £1.30 each is probably more than enough for the whole evening!

Niseko Ramen is a really great option for eating out in Hirafu Village at a very affordable price. And the big bowls of ramen will not only satisfy the hungriest of appetites, but will blow you away with their incredible flavour. Another top favourite is Hokkaido soup curry at Tsubara Tsubara in Izumikyo. Local, delicious, and exceptional value for money.

Gor a great end of evening treat and a chance to enjoy an exquisite cocktail, head to Amaru. Drinks here pack an extra punch making them fantastic value for money, and will ensure you sleep well ahead of your next day on the slopes 🙂

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