Dealing With the Perfect DUI Case

Making traffic safer is everyone’s responsibility, from pedestrians to drivers. Even more so if they are from corporate vehicles, because in addition to spending a lot of time on the streets, their behavior directly influences the profitability of the company and the image it has with society.

Not to mention the direct expenses with repair and compensation that may arise from accidents. And not only that: workers’ own health can be compromised in traffic abuse. From the best DUI Attorney you can have the best deal now.

For these reasons, it is important for drivers to be alerted to the need to maintain a defensive driving position, taking care that their actions do not cause accidents and anticipate hazards.

Below are some good driver tips for safer traffic and better use of your fleet. Check out.

1) Take care of the vehicle

Maintaining the fleet so that there are no mechanical problems in the vehicles is a good contribution to avoiding mechanical crashes and crashes. Moreover, it is a great contribution not to make traffic even more chaotic than it already is.

An unexpected problem can cause some essential component, such as brakes or steering, to not function properly at a critical time, causing accidents. With preventive and predictive maintenance on time, this risk is much lower.

2) Respect the signs

Traffic signs are not for nothing. Each sign and signal placed on the roads has the function of avoiding misunderstandings and dangerous situations. Respecting signs is a fundamental practice to ensure traffic safety. Therefore, respecting the signs of prohibition of overtaking, prohibited conversions, preferential spaces, among others, is essential to reduce the risks to yourself and others.

3) Do not stop in double file

In addition to being a risk to the vehicle itself and its occupants, stopping in a double row means that other drivers must take unexpected action to avoid the lock. In addition, it causes traffic jams, which only worsen the traffic situation and the stress of drivers and pedestrians around. Not stopping in double queues is a positive attitude that favors safer traffic for everyone.

4) Do not use the cellphone

Several studies have shown that using a cellphone while driving, even for a few seconds, is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Therefore, the device must be forgotten while driving a vehicle! Leave it in your pocket or put it in your console or glove box so you don’t risk “taking a quick look” at each incoming notification.

Other than that, the traffic code classifies cell phone use while driving as a very serious offense. If necessary, park and turn off the vehicle and then handle the smartphone.

5) Caring for pedestrians and cyclists

The rule is simple: the greatest always has responsibility for the safety of the minor. Thus, pedestrians and cyclists should have the preference as well as motorcyclists. After all, in a collision, the risks are higher for those who are in a smaller vehicle or on foot.