Egyptian Holiday: 5 Things to Know Before You Go

Egypt – the name itself conjures up images of sand dunes and towering pyramids. The country has retained its old world charm to this day. It has managed to humble many a people through generations.

In fact, Egypt often occupies a place on the bucket list of many people. This is why the Egypt tour packages are often one of the best-selling packages of tour operators. If you have booked yourself an Egyptian getaway for your upcoming holidays then here are a few things that you should know.

  1. Get Travel Insurance

Do not forget to get travel insurance for yourself and your family members in all the excitement. This insurance policy will cover you in case you lose your luggage in transit or your flight gets delayed or canceled. It will also cover your medical expenses in case of any medical condition. You don’t want anybody to be sent home instantly for medical problems. So, get travel insurance from a reputed insurance provider.

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  1. Hire Local Guide

There is so much to Egypt that it can be hard for a tourist to comprehend. The more popular sites like the Karnak temple or the Pyramids of Giza or even the Valley of the Kings is often well documented in docuseries and books. But there are other places in Egypt that are equally mesmerizing. Hiring a local guide will give you an opportunity to experience these places up and close and takeaway some important historical information.

  1. Prepare to Bargain

Given the popularity of Egypt as a tourist destination, the prices of all the merchandize is bloated up. The local sellers would also have explanations ready to justify the higher prices. However, do not fall prey to such cajoling. If you have time on hand, you can bargain with them and negotiate a better deal for yourself.

  1. Wear Comfortable Footwear

Remember the best way to experience a city is to walk through it. There is plenty of walking around that you would have to do in Egypt. The harsh sun will not make it easy for you. So, wear a pair of comfortable shoes that gives you good grip on the roads and protects your feet from the harsh sun.

  1. Use Cairo Metro System

If you are in Cairo, then use the local metro system to get from one place to another. It is safe and cheap.