Essential Options for the Bahamas Travel

In the center of the archipelago is located the island of New Providence with the capital Nassau, which is its heart. To soak up the paradise beaches, you need to walk a bit from the center of the capital across the bridge. Unique landscapes with white sand and gentle waves will delight both newlyweds and couples with children. For active guests here offer a variety of water sports. Lovers of passive recreation are given the opportunity to lie on the sun loungers with a cocktail in their hands.

The Places

Aquarium Visiting Nassau, you cannot ignore the magnificent aquarium, located on 16 acres of land. For the safety of visitors, the underwater tunnel was made of durable material, allowing you to enjoy near a variety of fish, plants and other creatures. Botanical gardens In Nassau, one of the most interesting sights can be called the Royal Gardens. You can rent a yacht with skipper in the bahamas  and so you can have the best options there.

On the territory of the botanical garden there are wonderful roses, tropical trees, cozy romantic corners, bridges and canals.

What is worth only blooming orchids? Royal staircase

For tourists, the limestone rock is of interest, in which, in ancient times, 65 steps were carved in stone. This staircase is a connected link between the upper and lower cities, but visiting this place at night is not safe. For those who like to visit museums, you can go to the Museum of Pirates and the Museum of Pompeii. The latter is dedicated to slavery.

State capital

She is a small town of Nassau. Curious history of its occurrence? Initially, in its place was a small settlement created by pirates. Here they lived, plotted raids, shared prey. Over time, on the site of the village grew the city, which today is a developed and modern. The city is beautiful, walking along its streets, you will see many interesting buildings from different centuries. For example, the fortress of the eighteenth century, which is preserved in almost perfect condition?

For lovers of entertainment in the city there is a casino, as well as the opportunity to do your favorite sport: golf, surfing, water polo, etc. Nassau has many comfortable hotels, so tourists prefer to spend their holidays here. Local craftsmen make stunning jewelry and household items out of seafood, so you will not leave this place with empty hands. Andros Island This place is interesting for its nature. Almost the entire island is covered with dense rainforest.

Tourists are happy to inspect the lighthouse built on the island, as well as basking in the warm sunshine on the most beautiful beach with white sand. Hotels In 2019, the cheapest hotel will cost 1326 rubles. per person.

Guests of the archipelago, who appreciate real comfort with the adventurous sailing and do not take into account the price of the hotel can afford to rest in a hotel with a cost of 32,000 dollars. per night. To the first-class complexes should include:  This hotel is located near the ocean. Guests can order a luxurious suite and a room more modest. There are restaurants, swimming pools, a beach, and game rooms on site. Among the advantages of the hotel is to highlight its own balcony in the room, which will allow you to admire the ocean.