How is winter In Spain?

As compared to winters in other places, winters in Spain are quite pleasant. It is actually re fun to visit Spain in the winter time than it is in the summer due to the many activities taking place about that time. Winter in Spain comes in December, therefore, the festive season is even better with all the winter activities taking place. Here are some of the activities that make Spain a fun place to be in the winter period.

Visiting the famous attractions without the crowds.

Visiting Spain in the winter means you are able to avoid a large number of people who visit the country during the peak of the summertime. With the reduced number of tourists, there are competitive accommodation rates and getting accommodation is even easier as compared to the summer period.

With lesser people visiting, it is more fun to see the sites due to shorter queues. Although most museums in the winter have an earlier closing time, you enjoy a more intimate, relaxing and an unhurried visiting experience.

The carnival atmosphere.

Winter is time for a carnival in Spain being celebrated by many cities and villages around the country. During this time, I am always busy, as many come to view our cheap Javea homes, while also seeing how the Spanish tradition is celebrated and can be observed by the flamboyant street parades, music and a lot of the Spanish culture all over the place during his time of the year. The carnival takes place during the week leading up to the lent period, usually the last week of February. These festivals attract very many visitors and are mostly identified with the eccentric processions, drag shows, and the glittery clothing.


Spain is not all about the sunshine and the golden beaches. With the country having mountainous regions, Spain is an excellent destination for skiing in Europe. In the Pyrenees, Val d’Or Baqueira beret is the most sophisticated Spanish ski resort. It features modern infrastructure for skiing and has excellent runs for all levels. The area around Baqueira is famous for its traditional stone houses and ancient Romanesque churches which is a good place to visit too on your skiing adventure.

The annual gastro festival.

The holidays in Spain are even more fun as compared to holidays in other places. The Christmas experience in Spain is great but not as compared to the annual Gastrofestival. The fantastic cuisines are the main holiday attraction in Spain and are also a part of the rich Spanish culture. The annual Gastrofestival is held in Madrid in late January. So if you are looking forward to visiting Spain in the winter period, attending the annual Gastrofestival will be a good way to spend your holiday.

These festivals celebrated everything that has to do with the Spanish culture, their food, museums, art galleries, fashion, and boutiques.


Winter in Spain is an interesting time as compared to summer there as there are fun activities and events taking places and also the place is less crowded as compared to the summertime. With most culturally related Spanish events taking place in the winter, you do not want to miss out on visiting Spain in the winter.