Perfect Bromont Travel for You

People will approach you more easily since you travel with your children and always with enormous kindness. The presence of children brings a smile to the face of people crossed on a journey and thus makes it easier to know. And I’m not talking about the gifts they are offered from one country to another: a trout freshly caught in Norway, collars and sweets of all kinds in Bromont, etc. As you head for the randonnée en famille en novembre in Bromont you can have the best time there now.

A fresh look at the world for parents

The children’s eyes are attracted by details that you do not lend, or rather more important. Your mind is formatted by the images that you have already seen of a country. Thanks to the children’s eyes, you discover details that would have escaped us. We, ourselves, pay more attention to what surrounds us to make children discover the peculiarities of a country visited.

Skiing is a snow sport to practice with children to make them discover all the beauty of Snowy Nature in winter. It’s a nice alternative to downhill skiing. You move away from overcrowded trails and immerse ourselves in the heart of peaceful landscapes. You climb summits that allow enjoying beautiful views of the snowy mountains.

But beware, a ski hike with children is not improvised: it requires preparation and respect safety rules not to endanger your family. It’s been more than 15 years that ski trails are explored. You have been taking the children with us for 3 years. Here is an update from your own skiing experience. To find out how to equip yourself for a ski hike with children, go to the following article:

Which ski equipment to choose?

Since the 1990s, skiing has been growing in popularity. But the racket is a means of displacement used for several millennia. The first men from Asia probably used it to travel to North America. It was a vital survival tool to move, hunt and provide for food. The ski was in a way a lifeline! The Amerindians have changed their shape over the centuries according to their needs (hunting, long distance) and the state of the snow. The trappers then adopted it. And then the hiker came and made it a snow sport for your greatest happiness.

At what age can a child ski?

We waited for your budding hiker to be 5 years old before starting real racket rides on the day. It seemed to us essential that he had enough balance to stand on ski: not so easy to advance with ski! They weigh and involve adopting a different way of walking with sticks in hand to balance walking.

In addition, hiking on the snow with ski is much more tiring than hiking. The child must be tough enough and trained to walk regularly. That said, it is always possible to start when the child is 4 years old but on small circuits of half a day maximum so as not to discourage and dislike the ski.

Choose ski for your child

There are ski for children in the trade but you must admit that the quality sometimes leaves something to be desired. How to choose ski for children, ski that fit well to the feet? Favor racquets with 2 straps, one to keep the foot in front and another around the heel. For skiing well, especially on ski trails, you have to check that there are 6 points that serve as crampons.