Royal Holiday Vacation Club – Have Safe Vacations At The Best Mexican Resorts

Royal Holiday Vacations Club announced several new sanitation measures that it is planning to follow in its 180 hotel, resort, and holiday parks worldwide during the coming pandemic. The company is partnering with Cristal International Quality Systems. This firm implements systems and quality practices. The club further is working with Ecolab, an international leader in green initiatives, as part of a comprehensive program to enhance hotel guest safety. As part of the program, Royal Holiday Vacation Club will conduct a regular review of all its cleaning locations to determine the level of hygiene in each place and establish a schedule for maintaining the highest level of cleanliness throughout its entire portfolio.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Cleaning Measures

The company is working with its third-party service provider, Cristal. This third party service provider will provide the Royal Holiday Vacation Club with the needed cleaning supplies at the right prices. In addition to ensuring that its cleaning supplies are as fresh as possible, the third-party service provider will ensure that the products are used correctly to avoid spreading the virus to those directly or indirectly consuming the cleaning supplies.

Cleanliness Options

The other significant aspect contributing to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s safety measures is the emphasis on its cleanliness standards and how the resort handles all its guest needs, including cleaning and health. The resort consistently provides its guests with a wide variety of options for maintaining their cleanliness.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club also uses the latest cleaning supplies to provide its guests with maximum safety. The company continually makes improvements to its cleanliness practices and its cleaning equipment. With these measures, the club expects to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene in its facilities, ensuring that its guests continue to feel comfortable and safe and comfortable during each visit to its establishment.

Sanitary Guidelines

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club maintains strict sanitary guidelines in its hotel and resorts, ensuring that its cleaning staff uses disposable gloves when handling cleaning products, especially after disinfecting and sanitizing items. The resort provides that all staff members have full training in the proper use of hand sanitizers. 

Proper Waste Disposal


The hotel also has a system in place to keep its waste out of its premises. The club hires a professional waste removal service to prevent any litter from being re-contaminated, which minimizes the risk of the virus transmitted to any people on its premises.

Cleaning of Swimming Pools

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is also responsible for regular cleaning of its swimming pool areas, and all staff members are required to wear protective suits while performing their duties. These precautions ensure that all employees in the swimming pool area are completely safe from the virus’s spread and ensures that no one is exposed to contaminated water. Even those not directly involved in pool maintenance are required to wear a protective suit whenever cleaning the swimming pool.

Another area that is strictly monitored by the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is the pool deck. During the season, where the virus is at its peak, the entire pool deck is thoroughly disinfected, sanitized, and scrubbed down after every use. 

Regular Inspection

All areas and locations are expected to be well maintained at all times. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club also has a separate team of inspectors in place to review each area of the establishment to ensure that all areas are kept clean, disinfected, and sanitized. All employees working in the various departments must wear personal protective clothing when doing any work in these areas, ensuring that none of them have contact with the virus, thus preventing any possibility of the virus being spread and infecting anyone else.

You can contact the club to learn more about the safety measures they have for their hotels.