The Best Choices in Barcelona Visit

Try to put the energy of Barcelona next to the enthusiastic curiosity of a child on vacation, the mix is ​​a concentration of possibilities, opportunities to have fun, learn and experiment with new experiences. In order not to get lost in the overflowing offer of the Catalan capital, let’s try zooming in on the things not to be missed to live the capital under 14, inspired by the new Cartoville Family “Barcelona with children”, just published. Before you set off, visit for the best deal now.

  1. Surround Of Fish And Sharks At The Aquarium

Eleven thousand fish of 450 different species. A treadmill that slowly travels the 80 meters of a glass tunnel from which to see fish fins of many species and wait for even some shark to have its picture taken in the foreground.

  1. Play On The Barceloneta

This is a metropolis with the sea at hand. For many of us it is a dream, for the children of Barcelona it is normal. Emulating the Barca football champions, why not take advantage of the beach and the sea for two shots on the ball, or for the most classic of challenges with plastic rackets. At the stop you can take advantage of an ice cream with eyes by Eyescream and friends. It will seem to devour you an emoticon.

  1. Try Inventions Of All Kinds Of Miba

Get on an exercise bike that produces chips for those who burn enough calories? Use a streamlined rewinder? Buy a sunflower vase? All this and much more await you in the Museum of Ideas and Inventions, a stone’s throw from the cathedral, symbol of the BarriGotic. Three areas divide inventions from those that really changed our everyday life (the electric razor?) To the most original (the hurricane simulator). Obviously many pieces are on sale in the bookshop and how can you resist the call?

  1. A Guided Tour For Children At BarriGotic

Gothic palaces, paved alleyways, ancient Roman remains and chocolate. To discover the BarriGotic with the most suitable shades for a child, the Barcelino association organizes guided tours for over 5 years. Many anecdotes, curious and fascinating stories with a visit also in Italian every Monday at 10am and the chocolate? For that the right address is the Granja, which many consider the best in Barcelona. No milk and also the “mini” version for your children.

  1. Enter The Barcelona Fc Stage

More than a club, the Barcelona FC soccer team is considered a true symbol of the Catalunya region. The philosophy of the “Cantera” (the home football school), the companies of the blaugrana and its champions (from Johan Cruijff to Messi), the many trophies on the bulletin board, feed the myth that has its “temple” in the giant Camp stadium Nou. Around the largest stadium in Europe, it is a shop, restaurants and a museum. But there’s more. If you have little children accustomed to the ball with you, inside the stadium you can also pirouette to the rhythm of music on a real ice skating rink.