Top 7 Facts About Manaslu Trekking

If you are looking for some off the beaten trail in Nepal, and then Manaslu might be your best choice for you. Manaslu has easy access and a lot of remoteness within it. Manaslu Trek offers the best trekking trail experience in Nepal.

It might be quite surprising for you that Manaslu Trek is a restricted area and you require special permission from the government of Nepal. Manaslu Trekking also falls under the great Himalayan trail, the longest trekking route in the world that passes through different Himalayan countries.

The hidden Manaslu region lies 40 miles to the east of Annapurna, and it is home to the world’s eighth highest Manaslu Mountain. Here are some of the interesting facts about Manaslu Trekking that you did not know before.

  1. Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. This area was closed until 1992, and now, the government of Nepal has declared Manaslu restricted region for Trekking. You will require special permission for Manaslu Trekking.
  2. Manaslu has amazing ethnic local culture, traditional monastery, and local people with unique housing style, along with its natural high Himalayas. Manaslu is the jewel of Nepal.
  3. Apart from Mount Manaslu, this trek quite a few other highlights like the renowned temple of Manakamana, Lower Manaslu Trek, Tsum Valley Trek, Nubri Trek with the famous palace of King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Mount Manaslu is located in the beautiful Gorkha district of Nepal.
  4. Manaslu region has a very less number of visitors as compared to Annapurna Sunrise Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek, which is why the Manaslu area is untouched and raw so that you can enjoy the natural beauty far from modernization. This trail is also called the virgin trail of Nepal.
  5. Mount Manasluis known as Japanese Mountain, as several Japanese teams have concurred the summit of Manaslu. Most Japanese climbers prefer Manaslu over other mountains. Another name for Mount Manaslu is Killer Mountain because of it’s frequent icefall killing several climbers.
  6. Himalayan people had declared the Manaslu region as Nubri state. Here people look almost the same, and the culture resembles the people from Tibet. You can also find the photo of ‘His Holiness Dalai Lama’ worshipped as a god in every house of mountain region from Manaslu to Upper Dolpo.
  7. You may not find cozy accommodation in higher area, you will encounter steep alpine terrain, you have to walk along higher elevated terrains, and downhill slope and dangerous base camp trail to Manaslu Base Camp. So, Trekking to Manaslu is considered as a test of personal endurance.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek features everything you’d want from a classic trek in Nepal: Epic scenery, intimate encounters with local people, and untouched trail.You also come across cultural diversities and natural scenery with high altitude dreamy glacier lakes and enthralling floras and faunas. There features inherently make up all when trekking in this unspoiled less trodden Region of Manaslu.

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