Top Things To Do In Hamilton

Hamilton, New Zealand. The culturally and geographically diverse region is home to attractions and activities that will suit any type of adventurer. From cycling and hiking trails to surfing and wine tasting, you can rest assured that a trip to this region will be memorable. The best way to go around Hamilton of course is by driving from one location to the next. After all, you would not want to miss on the country’s natural beauty. If you have not decided yet whether to get a rental car or a campervan hire new zealand has several rental companies you can do business with.

So, what are the top things you can do in Hamilton and its surrounding regions? It can be a little overwhelming so do not fret – we have listed some activities here for you and your travel mates.

Free Attractions

The best thing you can do is check out the free attractions around Hamilton and its nearby areas. After all, you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy Hamilton, whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family.

Lake Rotoroa – Locals also call it Hamilton Lake, and is a very popular destination throughout the year. There are plenty of open spaces to lay down a picnic and play games. There is also a large playground where your kids can have tons of fun. The area also has a spacious lakeside walk where you can feed ducks and enjoy breathtaking views of the lake.

Hamilton Gardens – The Hamilton Gardens are so beautiful, they are a joy to visit. There are 18 gardens, each with a theme of its own. You can step into a Chinese-inspired garden the first time and move on to one featuring an Italian Renaissance theme. The lakeside area has room enough for a picnic or if you just want to relax in the open spaces.

Kawhia’s Hot Water Beach – The hot water beach at Kawhia is by far the region’s truest hidden tourist gem. At low tide, walk over to the end of the Ocean Beach road and climb over the dunes, making your way down to the beach. Watch for hot water bubbling to the sand’s surface and start digging. Before you know it, you are enjoying your personal natural hot water spa.

Family Activities

Hamilton and its surrounding regions are full of activities that the entire family can enjoy. From water activities to close encounters with wildlife, there are many things to do to make your family holiday truly memorable

Sanctuary Mountain – Hike along beautiful walking trails through native forests and spot friendly bird species along the way. Sanctuary Mountain is the biggest ecological island in the country and has an impressive canopy viewing tower that gives commanding views of the entire forest.

Native Bird Park and Otorohanga Kiwi House – Located south of the region, these two parks are home to New Zealand’s reptiles and native birds. Here you can find the country’s national icons, the Tuatara and the kiwi bird in the flesh – the existence of which by the way – pre-dates that of the dinosaurs. The place has the best nocturnal viewing facility in the country, which makes it easy to spot the kiwi bird.

Waitomo Caves – The best place to fully appreciate the natural wonders of this diverse region is a visit to Waitomo Caves. Over one million years in the making, the caves are not like any caves in the world. Magnificent looking stalactites and stalagmites adorn every inch of the cave walls and ceiling. Trust us, every boat ride you take through these caves is one that you and the rest of your family will never forget.