Useful Tips for Exploring Rhodes


Rhodes island is among the most popular islands in Greece and it is popular for its historic ruins and magnificent beach resorts. Rhodes is also the largest of the Dodecanese Islands and offers a wide range of things that you can see and do across the island. The island will surely amaze you whether you base your Greek stay in Rhodes or you are just there for a weekend or day –trip. Some of the best tips to know while exploring the island are listed below.

Useful tips

  • Rhodes island features a well-developed bus service and you can easily get to any part of the resort or attractions on the island with public transport. You are going to find the central bus station located close to the port areas. You can also travel around using a taxi but they are usually more expensive. If you are planning to explore lots of landmark on the island, it is best if you can rent a car in Rhodes so you can drive around the island.
  • The peak season on Rhodes Island is between April to October which means high prices of accommodation and cost of living on the island. It is best to book your hotel accommodated in advance to prevent this. If you are planning for an entertaining and lots of touring vacation, it is best to visit the island in Spring because of the mild-weather which means you can explore the island without having to worry about extreme heat.
  • It is best to use the national currency for buying goods and services on the island. Although some shops and markets can accept foreign currencies its exchange rate is usually less profitable. It is also best to bargain while shopping in the local markets so that you can sufficiently reduce the price of goods. If you visit large shopping centers, you can make purchases using your international credit cards or making transfers to the store.
  • It is best to be extra cautious in a crowded area and keep an eye on your valuable properties. It is best to keep valuable documents, big sums of cash, and other valuables in a safe in your hotel room.
  • The local museums and the entertainment centers do open very early and their working schedule is flexible which means it can be changed throughout the year based on the touristic flow.
  • You should ensure you park along with your sunscreen aids while coming to the island because you can easily get sunburnt even during the city cruising. You should also make sure you take an umbrella with you because it may start raining all of a sudden on the island.
  • Greece is a magnificent travel destination suitable for lovers of food and drinks. The Rhodes island is filled with a wide array of restaurants from family-friendly restaurants to cool bars that you can visit. The island also offers a wide range of traditional Greek cuisines that you can try out. If you want the delicious homemade Greek cuisines, you can head to the family-owned tavernas or the restaurants in the village for mouth-watering cuisines.
  • Some tourist does think that Rhodes is a sleepy place to go, which is not true. The island is filled with a wide range of thrilling activities that you can try out like watersports such as windsurfing, waterskiing, or kitesurfing at the beaches. You can also try out stand-up paddle boarding. Another top thing to do is to go island-hopping to other magnificent island destination not far from Rhodes.