2011 Chevy Impala – Good Car Overall But Lacks Much Needed Innovation

The 2010 Chevrolet Impala has numerous features that would make any car buyer happy, but the problem is that the competition provides more for the same price. With the economy in a downward spiral, most people who plan on buying a car these days will usually go with a model and make that they know for sure will be reliable and affordable. And for a lot of people that vehicle is the Chevy Impala. This particular vehicle has been in production for decades and its reputation is quite good.

For those of you who may not know much about the Impala, it was once the best selling sedan in America. Chevy has introduced a few different trims for the car since it was released in the late fifties including: coupe, convertible and sedan models. What the automaker had in mind was to create a different model type for each type of shopper such as families, muscle car lovers, and shoppers on a budget. The 2011 version is actually a nice combination of style, performance and value, but it could be better. For more details available on chevy covers for cars.

A few of the things that makes this car a good choice is its large interior (which can fit 6 adults comfortably), its noise reducing cabin, a nice size trunk and probably most important it has a high safety ranking. While it may not be ax exciting to drive as Chevy’s popular Coupe, the Camaro, the Impala has a lot to offer those who want a reliable car, with nice features and at an affordable price.


Unfortunately, Chevrolet didn’t make too many changes to the 2011 model which means that instead of adding new features like its competitors are doing, they’re basically just continuing to rely on dedicated Impala buyers to keep the brand going. This is not a good business plan mainly because this is how models end up being discontinued, especially during times like these. The lack of exterior styling innovation, the cheap interior parts and the low horsepower engine are features that Chevy can easily improve on.

What Chevrolet really needs to do is go back to square one and redesign the aging Impala from scratch. It worked successfully with the Camaro so there’s no reason why it could not work for the Impala. One of the reasons why Chevrolet may be “satisfied” with the car’s overall sales and performance is because thanks to rental company fleets, its sales are actually pretty good. But with all the choices that are available to consumers such as the Chrysler 300 and the Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet should focus more on what consumers want instead of what rental companies want.

The 2011 Impala is available in the following trim packages: LS, LT, and the fully loaded LTZ. Seating is available for up to 5 adults on the standard models but the number is increased to six if you get the optional front bench. The base LS model has standard features such as cruise control, air conditioning, power accessories, a 6 speaker sound system and automatic headlights.

The mid-range LT model has more popular features such as Bluetooth, a steering wheel with a leather cover, a better internal computer, remote ignition, foglamps and 17 inch wheels. This model also has a package that include more luxurious features such as a 8 speaker sound system, heated seats, heated mirrors and leather interior.

And for those of you lucky enough to get the fully loaded LTZ model, you’ll get everything the LT models offers with additional features such as a 8-way power driver seat, 18 inch ally wheels and a more powerful V6 engine. You can also get a moonroof on this model as well as the LT version.

As for the engine specs, the Impala’s V6 engine only has 211 horsepower which is considered very low these days and it also has 216 feet of torque. The LTZ model’s engine is slightly better featuring 224 horsepower and 235 pounds of torque. The one good thing about this car having a low hp V6 engine is that it’s fuel mileage numbers are quite good. It’s gets a combined 23 mpg which is more than a lot of its competitors. Overall, the Impala is affordable (starting at $24,495), safe and reliable, but with just a few minor changes it could have been much better car.

A Truck Cover For My 1947 Chevy Truck

Hello this is a story about my 1947 Chevy Truck, I live in Canada and the weather here can be very extreme to say the least. I have spent a lot of time and money fixing my truck and it needs to be protected from the elements. I don’t have a garage to park in and my truck sits outside all the time, is there a truck cover that can hold up to this kind of environment?

I have contacted a lot of automotive supply websites and they have given me some good information on all types of truck covers, there sure are a lot of choices. There are many truck cover websites and it has become very hard to choose which type is best for my truck, one cover site told me they have a bubble cover that you drive your truck into and then close up and inflate with air like a big bubble, but this cover isn’t made for the outdoors, then there are covers of all kinds from low price one layer too multi layer very expensive covers.

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