4 Reasons to Visit Scuba Resorts in Coron


Coron is a province in Palawan, Philippines famous for its enchanting beauty and rich marine life. Considered as one of Philippines’ precious islands, this place is a magnet of tourists who wish to see massive lagoons, wreck dive sites and other famous landmarks. If you’re after adventure through diving, you are in for a treat as there are tons of dive resorts in Coron.

Why Coron is Different?

Since the Philippines has more than 7,000 islands, it really is a challenge to explore the whole country and discover dive sites that are worth your time. Coron diving, in fact, is among the best to consider for beginner and seasoned divers. Shipwrecks and hidden dive sites can be found here, which is unique and can never be found anywhere else in the world.

Famous Dive Sites in Coron

  • Irako- Underneath Lusong Island is a hidden Japanese supply ship about 482 ft. It sunk on September 24, 1994, leaving behind beautiful remnants of the war. Surrounding the shipwreck are marine creatures like barracuda, Groupers, tunas and green sea turtles. The main deck is about 34 meters deep, so it’s definitely for advanced divers.
  • Barracuda Lake- Even for non-divers, the Barracuda Lake is definitely a must-visit. What makes this diving site different is the reverse thermocline; the deeper you dive, the warmer the water gets. Overall, the lake is more than 100 feet deep but divers are advised to not go beyond.
  • Akitsushima- This ship was sunk by the Americans in 1944 during World War II. It lies in the port side about 36 meters deep. Interesting sea life creatures can be seen in this site particularly batfishes and barracudas.

Reasons to Visit Scuba Resorts in Coron

  1. Experience comfort- After the long hours of travel by land and air, tourists need a place to stay in which can guarantee maximum comfort and security. When visiting Coron, make sure to check out the best scuba resorts in the Philippines. You will be pampered throughout your stay and feel secured anywhere in the resort.
  2. Indulge in local cuisine- What’s traveling without the glorious spread of local food? Different diving resorts offer a unique dining experience that will surely leave you wanting for more. Try out native Palawan dishes that are truly appetizing.
  3. Get professional diving assistance- Because you’re staying at a dive resort, you surely have access to professional diving assistance if you want to explore marine life. Aside from fully-maintained gears, there are also seasoned divers who are willing to look after you during the activity.
  4. Visit beautiful diving sites- In case you lack time to do research, no worries because resort staff can walk you through the famous and hidden dive sites. Everything will be provided for the activity and you only need to take the lesson if you’re a beginner to be safe.

Explore what Coron has in store for divers like you. Start planning for your trip now and be amazed by the wonders of the underwater world.