5 Most Delicious Pizzas Of All Times

No matter you’re a pepperoni fan or someone who loves cheese, there is nothing that Double Pizza house doesn’t serve. So, if in Montreal, you must seek refuge with this pizza house to fill your tummies in the most delicious ways possible. Some of the best pizzas that they serve are given below.

  1. American Pepperoni Pizza

If you love the delicious taste of pepperoni amalgamated with cheese and tomatoes, then this pizza holds a jaw-splitting delight for you. Besides, when ordered at Double Pizza you get the assurance of being served fresh ingredients only. This one starts from only 9.74$.

  1. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza, of all, is the most popular sweet pizza globally. It draws sweetness from freshly cut pineapple toppings and is made of cheese, tomato sauce, and ham. The unique tangy sweet taste of this pizza can be relished with cabbage salad and fries. It starts from 10.24$.

  1. Halal All Garnished Pizza

This flatbread is plastered with tomato sauce and infused with cheese for a unique tongue twisting taste. Topped with mushrooms, pepperoni halal slices, and green peppers, this one can also be customized with extra cheese and onions if you like. It starts from 10.74$.

  1. Mexican Pizza

The Mexican pizza at Double Pizza restaurant replicates the authentic flavor of spicy Mexican food. It is made with cheese, tomato sauce, beef, and onions and is infused with strong peppers to make it spicy. It starts from 10.74$.

  1. Quebec Pizza

Nothing beats the taste of bacon and pepperoni when cooked with cheese. Hence, Quebec pizza, starting at just 10.99$, is a tantalizing non-veg pizza that’s loved by all. The flatbread contains a generous spread of tomato sauce and the pizza is garnished with mushroom toppings.  

Now that you know the 5 best non-veg pizzas served at Double Pizza, you should also understand why this restaurant only? The reasons are many but the most noteworthy ones are given below.

  • The restaurant uses only fresh vegetables and high-quality meat products to make pizzas
  • They draw the art of home cooking to ensure that their pizzas are healthy
  • The pizzas are cooked in utmost hygienic conditions
  • They offer customization options and also provide money-saving combo meals
  • They offer home delivery services across about 30 cities in Montreal

Nonetheless, if hungry, just download their app on your smartphones and start ordering now.