Chandigarh: A Gastronomical Delight

Chandigarh – the magnificent state capital of Punjab and Haryana, scenically located at the foothills of the Himalayas, has become a symbol of modernity. The city is known for its Rock Garden, Leisure Valley, and Sukhna Lake. However, food has become the center of attraction for everyone these days and is an integral part of our culture and lives. Chandigarh offers the best of both states. You can dig into fluffy Chole Bature, Stuffed Parathas, Kebabs, Butter Chicken, and pièce de résistance – Chilled Lassi. Working in Delhi, Chandigarh is a perfect weekend getaway. Having completed my deadlines and some official leaves in my kitty, I planned a quick visit to Chandigarh for a much-needed break. Chandigarh is at a distance of around 244km and Savaari’s Delhi to Chandigarh Taxi Fare is very reasonable. I hired one of their cabs and made my way to what would be a gastronomical paradise.

Bhuna Gosht (Mutton)

While in Chandigarh, you cannot miss Bhuna Gosht. Head to Karim’s to savor the best Bhuna Gosht in town. It is an exotic Indian recipe where the mutton is cooked in its own juices until it gets a beautiful dark brown color. The mutton is cooked with so much perfection that it melts in your mouth. In this dish, mutton pieces are cooked with lots of onion and spices until everything comes together as a lip-smacking gravy.

Sarson Da Saag

A winter and spring delicacy, Sarson Da Saag, is a quintessential Punjabi dish that has won the hearts of millions, not only in Punjab but around the world. It contains a healthy dose of mustard leaves, green chilies, and is topped with a scoop of butter while being served with Makki-di-Roti. Sarson Da Saag is best relished when you eat at a Dhaba. I headed to the most iconic place in town, Pal Dhaba for some lip-smacking food I have ever had.

Butter Chicken  

Butter chicken made with pureed juicy tomatoes, spices cooked in butter, dried fenugreek leaves, and topped up with fresh cream, is one of the most favored delicacies all over in India. But the ones prepared in the Northern part of India are undoubtedly the best you can get. Team it up with hot Rumali Rotis or Butter Naan to be assured of a pure gastronomical delight.

Punj Ratani Daal

After gorging on all the meats, it was time for me to savor some light meals too. Hence decided to feast on Punj Ratani Daal which is a heavenly combo of five different lentils. This dish is simmered with not just whole spices but a bouquet of aromatic spice powders too. The daal is slightly tangy, which it gets from curd and tomatoes that blends beautifully with the spiciness.

Roh Di Kheer

Roh Di Kheer is a famous local dish that is relished by many. This dessert is prepared by cooking rice in sugarcane juice and is usually savored during winters. A bowlful of this Kheer is a perfect way to end a scrumptious meal during your stay here in Chandigarh.

Summing Up

Chandigarh is a truly cosmopolitan city and is rightly known as a food lover’s paradise. You will find cuisines from all over the world. You will get from Japanese to Mexican cuisine, Thai and Awadhi cuisine to savor. Hence, avail a trusted and affordable car on rent in Chandigarh with a local driver to explore various eateries while visiting the city. Also, make sure that you bring your appetite along since Chandigarh is known to be a gastronomical delight serving you the best of sweet and savory delicacies.