Galapagos Archipelago

Some Wonderful Facts About Galapagos Archipelago

The Galapagos archipelago is one of the many beautiful destinations that are located off the coast of Ecuador. 

As the name says, this archipelago came into existence thousands of years before the flourishing of the population and was forged by the lava. 

The inspiration for Darwin’s theory of evolution is this archipelago which is quite famous for its fearless wildlife. 

The archipelago is located 600 miles off the Ecuador coast and is considered among the list of active volcanic areas around the globe. 

The volcanic activity for more than millennia resulted in the existence of the Galapagos island. 

The constant breaking of magma repeatedly on the seafloor resulted in the formation of rocks layer upon layer, and finally, this island was formed. 

Studies have revealed that there are more than 13 active volcanic areas in this archipelago and they are all very active since 2018. 


It is a known fact that this archipelago came into existence on the world map after its accidental discovery in 1535. 

The bishop of Panama, a Spanish noble Tomas de Berlanga was washed off of the course while sailing to Peru from Panama. The washed-off ship took a stand on these islands, which then led to their discovery. 

However, the initial condition of the islands when discovered was very grotesque, and the letter to the king from Tomas included some discretional words about the islands such as unfit to do anything let alone cultivation there. 

Geographical Stretch 

The archipelago is a long-stretched set of islands for more than 17,000 square miles. The total number of islands here are 13 large ones and 6 small ones, which counts the number as 19 total islands. 

The distance between the mainland and the closest island is 600 miles apart from South American Ecuador. 

Things to Do 

Many things can be enjoyed while in this archipelago and they are listed below. 


Trekking is the best way of enjoying your visit to this archipelago. While on the trekking quest, you can enjoy many things such as exploring some wonderful landscapes, capturing some wonderful moments of wildlife, and so on. You will be provided with a local guide to help you through your treks. 


The best way of exploring the wonderful aquatic life is by scuba-diving. You can enjoy swimming along the aquatic life while on this island. 


Watersports lovers will love it when they get to enjoy their favorite sports to the fullest. One such adventure to enjoy in this long stretch of islands is snorkeling. 

Galapagos Archipelago..

Flora and Fauna 

This place is considered one of the 7 Wonders of South America because of its flora and fauna. 

You can find some wonderful flora and fauna such as flightless cormorants, giant cacti, giant tortoises, finches, and so on. The tortoises are more than 100 years old here. 

If your plan is to book a journey of your lifetime, then Galapagos is your best choice. the islands will never fail to amaze you when you explore them. 

Enjoy watching the habitat of elegant albatrosses, sea lions, Sally Lightfoot Crabs, and so on.