All Information About Medan Airport: Kualanamu International Airport (KNO)

Before 2013, Medan’s old airport, Polonia, had been located right in the heart of Medan. On the other hand, the old airport was too small to serve 7.5 million passengers annually (it was created to handle 900k passengers only). Thus, the newest airport, Kualanamu International Airport (KNO), was opened in 2013. It’s situated about 24km to 37km from Medan, depending on whether you choose the cost or standard road. The usual route is about 24km, but with narrower streets and traffic jams are common.

Arriving at Medan Airport

  • From Plane to Arrival Hall

Most of the time, passengers coming at KNO can walk into the building through the bridge. But on rare occasions, passengers may be lucky to wander down the staircase of the plane and walk to the entrance hall on the pavement.

  • Immigration

The authorities are not crowded—locals and foreigners lineup from the line. You don’t have to worry about lining up in the line that is wrong or cutting. Indonesia no longer needs people to fill up immigration forms, but they do require a customized statement.

  • Baggage Claim

After immigration, it is the baggage claim. Search your baggage, and be sure to have filled up the habit declaration. Usually, the form would be distributed by airline crews. If you did not receive any forms, don’t panic. They’re also available at the baggage claim area. If you bring some of these items listed in the customs form, you have to proceed to the red line at which you may be required to pay for the tax.

  • Baggage Scan

Submit the baggage form at the exit once you have collected your luggage. Then, proceed to scan your luggage and depart into the entrance hall.

  • Arrival Hall

At the arrival hall (Grade 1), you can find a money changer, draw cash from your ATM center, buy a sim card, purchase food from restaurants or convenience stores. You can also ask questions in the tourist information center. There is also left luggage along with a drugstore in the arrival hall.

  • Local SIMCard

There’s a Telkomsel store. They sold SIM Cards which have been pre-loaded with a certain quantity of data and talk time. Don’t be too quick to make a buy. Ask them about their cost and details. Then, turn right and walk out of the building; there is another smaller kiosk that sells SIM Cards too. Create a contrast between the goods offered by the two stores before deciding which one you want to purchase.

Departing from KNO

  • Entrance Gate Scan

You will need to scan your own bags, and whatever you’re carrying in the entrance gate. At this gate, people are allowed to enter. No checking of the pass is going to be run.

  • Check-In

Currently, it is time for a check-in! There are a couple of self-check-in machines to speed matters up. It is much better to check at the counter when you have a luggage top.

  • Shopping and Dining

In case you haven’t done enough shopping, you can do so at several boutique shops at the airport. The recommended things to shop in the airport would be Bolu Meranti, Lapis Legit, or even Kue Ambon, all of which are cakes. If you’re hungry and you would like to eat something before your flight, you will be spoiled for choice. There are so many delicious local and worldwide foods. It is possible to discover several pictures of restaurants at the “Food at KNO” section.

  • Departure Gate

Thus, you’re all set to fly. But you require to go through a last security screening before you are permitted to enter.

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