All of the Things You Must Know about Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort is an excellent, award-winning resort that caters to divers and nature lovers looking for world-class diving and snorkeling removed from commercialism and crowds. The resort has been constructed right at the seaside, together with bungalows dispersed through the exquisite sheer of a small island called Onemobaa, beside Tomia Island (just one of four main islands), covering an area of 821 sq. km

Getting to Wakatobi is easy, regardless of the remoteness of the resort. Bali is your gateway for many departures to Wakatobi. By Bali, Wakatobi Dive Resort runs a private chartered flight on scheduled departures into the resort’s airstrip.

The scenic trip over Bali, Lombok’s Rinjani volcano and the offshore reefs, takes roughly 2.5 hours. A night in Bali is required before your flight to Wakatobi. In the airfield around Tomia’s neighboring island, it is a 10-minute minibus trip to the harbor where the dive boats will meet and transfer you to the resort. It takes approximately a 15-minute boat trip.

Wakatobi Dive Resort Accommodation

Wakatobi Dive Resort provides three lodging levels, from Vilas, Ocean Bungalows Villas, and Palm Bungalows. Each hand-crafted villa is spacious, quiet, and comfy. It is just several steps from the sea. All are air-conditioned with Wi-Fi internet access, along with full amenities. All snacks and meals are included during your stay. Usually, the meals are chef-prepared in the beachside restaurant.

Wakatobi Villa

The One-bedroom Villas or Two-bedroom Pool Villas offer the great of Wakatobi. Set to a low ledge just above the shore, in this resort’s northern end, they give the highest privacy and spacious comfort, complemented by scenery of the ocean or Wakatobi’s fantastic sunsets.

Wakatobi’s Villas step down to the shore and pristine waters. Two-bedroom pool villas have two large bedrooms, each with full baths, an outdoor spa shower, a private pool with expansive deck space, and steps down to the ocean.

Wakatobi Ocean Bungalow

When you’re sitting in one of those cozy lounge chairs on the balcony, you can see a beautiful sunset. Also, you can take to a soundtrack of waves. All have roomy front porches with magnificent sea views and comfortable sofa beds. Ocean Bungalows have bathrooms and spa-style outside showers that are Asian. If you’re trying to get the optimal blend of economy and luxury, an Ocean Bungalow will be the best choice.

Palm Bungalow

Nature’s music – birdsong, the waves lapping a stone’s throw away, and the breeze rustling in the trees, can you find in the verandah of your Palm Bungalow. These bungalows are slightly behind in-between the Ocean Bungalows. It is amidst other plants and beautiful palm trees. All of your requirements will be catered at a Palm Bungalow. It’s all of the accommodation types, and you’ll appreciate Wakatobi renowned and personalized service, also chef-prepared meals.

Dive Overview

In Wakatobi, you have such ease of access to miles of pristine reefs, with diverse topography, life, and highlights. You can collect the excellent dive sites together over large seas areas, especially with perhaps a long and arduous boat journey in between. And you might not even get close to what Wakatobi offers out there right at the doorstep.

The house reef is world-famous. Many guests never go to a boat dip because the reef and wall directly in the front of the resort provide enough territory, and diversity to maintain them researching for several days. There’s absolutely no need to swim long distances. They even offer ‘taxi-boat’ solutions to transport you to and from extended parts of the house reef.

Moreover, night diving at Wakatobi is fantastic! You can see more corals and fish at night. One or 2-night dives (based on the period of the trip and weather) will be provided in the boats. You can dip any night on the house reef before the hotel. Simply gear up from the diver preparation area and walk-in off the beach. Night dives must be completed at the latest by 10.00 pm, but special arrangements can be made to dip at other hours. Wakatobi dive resort has more than 40 sites that they often dive, all accessible by their daily ships. Boat rides vary from 10 minutes to a maximum of one hour for a few of the furthest sites.

 Marine Life at Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi is called a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve and is situated at the world’s epicenter of coral reef biodiversity. This means that while diving, you can see the most excellent variety and the diversity of life. You will see not only coral reefs or beautiful vistas but also abundant colorful reef fish along with rare and even unusual cryptic ‘critters.’ Undocumented or new species are still to be discovered at Wakatobi.

There are a lot of other locations where it is possible to see more prominent schools of fish, larger animals, and experience more adrenaline fill underwater trips. Still, for sheer reef view and marine life variety, you won’t be disappointed with a diving vacation at Wakatobi.

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