Top 5 Facts Staying Untold About First Ayahuasca Expierence

The ayahuasca is the ultimate experience in the life changing philosophies so it is of the prime importance that you know the first things about ayahuasca. It is a plant or liana found in South America in the Amazon rain forests among the indigenous tribes. The ayahuasca is also known by different names such as yage, liana, capi, natem and many more in the local dialects. It is made from the banisteriopsis caapi and the psychotria viridis. There are Peru retreats which boast of trained shamans who hold this special ayahuasca tea ceremony and open up a whole new world for the participants.

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It has been touted that the ayahuasca is instrumental in curing or at least reducing physical ailments like cancer, rheumatism and even diabetes.  Even chronic mental illnesses like the depression and anxiety disorders can be taken care of, by consuming ayahuasca. However, ayahuasca comes with its demerits and while many people have reported feeling rejuvenated, there are examples also which show others have had nightmarish experiences. This is just meant to convey that one must be fully aware of what one is getting into as this medicinal plant is definitely very beneficial and helpful. But the individual effects may vary, particularly with people who have underlying medical or mental disorders. Let us undertake a quick description of the same.

  1. You can have extreme reactions by drinking ayahuasa. Purging or having hallucinations and dizziness is considering part and parcel of the healing process. But at the same time it opens up a whole new world of awakening.
  2. It is truly a life changing experience. Many people have travelled from far to come and undertake the ayahuasca experience and stayed back to train as shamans themselves.
  3. Be careful if you have underlying medical or mental conditions. Discuss with your health provider and then decide.
  4. Choose the retreat and shaman also carefully before embarking on an ayahuasca journey.
  5. Dosage and quantity of the drink is monitored by the shaman depending upon the medical history, physical structure and current health of the participant.


A trip to Peru will make you have an awesome ayahuasca exposure with the psychedelic experience and so these are some of the facts you need to be aware of. A well conducted and superb experience would be of immense help in leading a good life.