Exploring Stonehenge and Windsor Castle to Unveil England’s Treasures

Are you planning to visit London? Then make sure to plan a trip to the Windsor Castle and Salisbury Plains. Both are iconic places in London that most tourists prefer to visit at least once.

Before you plan for your Stonehenge Bath and Windsor tour you must get some information and try to do a little research online and get a few more information. You will also come to know how you can make entry without much hassle.

The reasons to visit Stonehenge Bath

  • Get to know about the surrounding mysteries

Stonehenge’s attraction lies in its numerous mysteries: legends of mythical beasts ferrying stones, theories of ancient engineers’ ingenuity, and recent findings hinting at its role as an ancient burial ground. Its mystery attracts visitors worldwide.

  • Appreciate its incredible design

Visiting Stonehenge reveals its impressive design developed in three stages: a circular ditch and bank, followed by postholes within a bank, and finally, the erection of stones. These phases spanned approximately 500 years, with alternative theories proposing up to six phases ending around 1,500 BC.

  • To get an unusual feel

Visiting Stonehenge offers a unique experience due to its mysteries and historical significance from the Neolithic to the Bronze Ages. The precise alignment with solstices adds to its ethereal atmosphere, challenging explanation with ancient tools.

  • Vivid explorations

Stonehenge’s Visitor Centre features nearly 300 exhibits showcasing valuable archaeological finds, including artefacts used in or near the site’s construction. Day trips often include exclusive access opportunities to Stonehenge.

  • Special exhibits

The Visitor Centre showcases models depicting Stonehenge’s history alongside ancient artefacts and multimedia presentations. A City Wonders Stonehenge tour from London offers expert guidance while travelling to the English countryside.

The reasons to visit Windsor Castle

1) Historical place to visit

Windsor Castle, founded in the 11th century by William the Conqueror to safeguard a strategic Thames River site, remains a residence for English monarchs. Its dual nature—fortified exterior with arrow slits and towers and opulent interior reflects centuries of royal occupancy.

2) Largest occupied castle

If you visit this castle then you will find 1,000 rooms covering almost 484,000 square feet, which is spread on 13 acres of land. Besides the Queen, 150 other people also live there. The kitchen itself has 23 chefs and 33 staff members!

3) Easily accessible from London

Windsor Castle is a 45-minute drive from central London or an hour by train from Waterloo or Paddington stations to Windsor & Eton Riverside. Various coach services and day trip tours, often combined with other attractions like Stonehenge and Bath, are available.

4) Surrounded by charming town

Even in December, it is incredibly green, with sloping hills interspersed with pig and sheep farms. The day journey to Windsor can be worthwhile just for the drive. The scenic countryside route adds to its allure.

5) World’s heritage 

Stonehenge, a UNESCO site near London, can be controversially labelled as overrated. However, glimpses during a Windsor tour can still be impressive.

So, you can see that there are enough reasons to visit these two places while you are in London.