Scandinavia, the beautiful region located in Northern Europe, is a place which truly offers a unique experience to its visitors. Starting from modern cities to beautiful forests, numerous festivals to thewondrous natural phenomenon, the Scandinavian countries simply offer a ton of things to its visitors. However, among all the attractions that the countries of Scandinavia hold for you, the most beautiful, mysterious and magical sight that you must seek out while you are in this region is aurora borealis or the Northern Lights. You can go for northern lights tours in Norway, or you can also opt for one of the Finland northern lights tours to experience this magical phenomenon with your very own eyes. There are quite a number of destinations in the Scandinavian countries from where you can see these dramatic and magical lights. Travelling to any of these places will surely be a trip to remember.

Where to go

The region of Scandinavia includes a total of five countries in the broader sense, Denmark, Norway, Sweden,Finland and Iceland. Locally known as the Nordic Countries, there are many places from where you will get the opportunity of experiencing the northern lights. However, not each and every one of those destinations is the same in terms of comfort, popularity or probability of experiencing the northern lights. Here are the top destinations in these countries from where you can have the highest chance of witnessing the northern lights while enjoying a great vacation.

 1. Tromso

Tromsois one of the most popular destinations in Norway among travellers for witnessing the northern lights. It is one of the best cities from to begin your artic adventures. This beautiful modern city sits just 350 kilometres away from the Arctic Circle, and thus you can get a gorgeous view of the magical ‘green light’ from here. People from all over the world flock over to Tromso during the months of September to March to witness the same. Apart from the natural phenomenon, there are a lot more attractions in Tromso for you to explore as well. You can spend your time exploring the various museums or the state of the art aquarium that this city houses. The weather is pleasant due to the seaside location of the city, and you can be sure to have a great time when you visit Tromso.

2. Abisko

Another destination from where you can see the northern lights very clearly is Abisko, a beautiful village in Sweden. Located only 250 kilometres away from the Arctic Circle, it is the most popular destination in Sweden from where you can witness the various Arctic phenomena like the aurora borealis and the midnight sun. It is one of the starting points of the Kungsleden hiking trail, which is 425 kilometre-long. A trek through is trail is full of glorious views of the Scandinavian mountain range. The village is also located only four kilometres away from the popular national park named the Abisko National Park. The national park is a great place to enjoy various activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and other mountain sports.

3. Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, the city in Finland, is another great place to go for a vacation and witness the northern lights. Located in Finland’s northernmost province, the city sits only six kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, giving you one of the best views of this beautiful natural phenomenon. From early June to early July, you can also see the midnight sun from here. Dubbed the official hometown of Santa Claus, this city is full of festivities and year-round activities, which make it a great place to visit at any time of the year. You can take a trip to the Ranua Zoo to see a plethora of Arctic fauna, visit the numerous reindeer and husky farms or take part in the various indoor and outdoor activities that this city has to offer.

What to do 

Although Scandinavia is a great place to witness the magical phenomenon of aurora borealis, the beautiful cities and countries of this region offer a lot more to its visitors. There are plenty of activities and attractions for you to indulge in when you visit this region for a holiday. Here are some of the best activities you can enjoy during your Scandinavian trip.


Due to their proximity to the Arctic Circle, the Scandinavian countries offer a great deal of snow sports. And one of the most popular activities to enjoy during your holiday is snowmobiling. The thrill of riding the snow on your snowmobile is truly an unmatched experience. You have to try it out during your trip.

Husky safaris

There are a lot of husky farms in these countries, and these beautiful animals are particularly friendly and useful in these regions. And one of the most fun things you can do with them is to go on a dog sledge ride. Speeding across the snow as these beautiful animals pull your sledge across the open field is truly an unmatched experience.


Reindeers are another type of beautiful animals you can interact with while you are here. Visit one of the many reindeer farms while you are here to learn all about these animals.