Whale Watching Tours That You Will Always Remember

Whales provide some sort of mystery upon people. We would ponder how wonderful our wildlife and biodiversity and kept dazzled by this strong sense that indeed, a kind of monstrous-sized creature able to interacting with us really do exist anywhere on the planet.

A whale watching cruise can last anytime from 3 hours to 4 1/2 hours, and also the length is dependent upon the length of time it takes to spot on the whales.

Look upon in amazement as these animals unwind in your company and perform within just meters of the boat.

While keeping a look out, you will be given exceptional facts and stories which provide educational information about these big sea mammals.

A trip depends upon favorable climate conditions on the day. Whale watching cruises have contributed to the understanding and support for this unique creature and its home. People should be provided with an opportunity to experience these amazing creatures first hand, to higher understanding of the beauty of nature as well as the need to nurture this precious wildlife.

While whale watching trip is a great concept to appreciate the company of your family or possibly spice up your dating life, it can surely do bring contentment and appreciation of the nature’s gift.

This whale watching tours are made possible with the help of vessels. With the increase in the number of people going to these trips, increases the number of vessels and also its size. These changes can supposedly cause problems for the whales, their migration and breeding. Therefore, the operators of the tour are to follow certain rules regarding the trip. The rules include slow movement of the vessels and sudden turns are also to be avoided. The noise should be at a minimum level, chasing the whale or coming in between its movement is not allowed. The watch should be from a proper distance, so that the whales are not taken by surprise. There should be a minimum number of boats at the same time. The dolphins are not to be forced into bow- riding and also no swimming with the dolphins.

All the operators of the popular regions follow these regulations. Free advertisements and promotional works are done through campaigns to reduce the whaling activities for whale meats. This aids in the saving of the animal and thus increases the popularity of whale watching. It is considered by the conservationists that whales are worth watching alive rather than dead.

The best time to plan a trip for this is during the summers. Holidays would become much more remarkable if it is planned in Hervey bay which is located in Fraser Islands. The islands are popular for its exotic beauty. It is a brilliant opportunity to watch whales from such close distance in Hervey bay. Watching a Humpback whale is the amazing experience that is provided here. UWW And Snorkel Hervey bay can be most suitable during mid-July till the late November, as this is the time when these beautiful mammals swim around from here to there in a search for mates in order to breed. There are also some special boats which have glass floors and this allows the view of watching the whale right under the feet. These are however carried out in such a way that the animal is well protected from any danger. Hence an increase in the tourism has been observed.