Facts about the Non Immigrant Student’s Visa

United States colleges or universities are broadly known for the worth of their research as well as education. The United States is the top notch and biggest landing place for all the foreign students looking for pursuing their higher education abroad. The teaching system is the most resourceful and adaptable higher education framework for understudies across the world.

The higher education system has a lot to offer each and every foreign student. One of the greatest advantages of studying abroad in United States is the chance to meet new opportunities and career. However, for studying as a foreign student in United States does require getting the F-1 student Visa.

What is a F-1 Visa

F-1 Visa is a non-immigrant student visa for those foreign students, who are wishing to complete their education in the United States. In case that you are planning to enter United States, to go to a college or a university, secondary school, private primary school or any other institution in order to complete your education, you must apply for the F-1 visa’s application.

It is issued to foreign students, who are going to study in a university or college’s academic program or English Language Program at any United States school or college. The students must keep up the base course load in order to get full-time student’s status.

They can stay in the United states up to 60 days past the time span it takes to finish their academic program, except if they have already applied and been affirmed to stay in United states and work for a timeframe under the OPT Program.

Benefits of the F-1 Visa

  • No visa number impediments on F-1 student’s visa that means unlimited number of students can apply and enter US for studying.
  • The F-1 student’s visa gives you the opportunity to enter US as a full-time student to procure a world-class education.
  • You are allowed to travel outside US your education. You can also just remain US if you want.
  • Your family member can accompany you if they affirmed for F-2 visa status.