Learn about the heritage and culture of Dubai


A part of our Dubai holiday deals is to learn an experience the heritage and culture of ancient Dubai, as well as all the modern things in Dubai.

Dubai’s Culture and Arts Authority’s mission “to improve the social and cultural scene by keeping up a practical social biological community while protecting the Emirati Heritage and supporting abilities to upgrade cultural and social diversity and social attachment.”

So, aligning with this mission, the Heritage attractions of Dubai are altogether very much kept up and convey their own importance and appeal to the modern advancements around them.

The Old Dubai Walking Tour is one of our Dubai holiday deals. It is one of a kind method for experiencing the beauty of Dubai’s history.

Sights to see and explore

  • Espresso Museum
  • The Ruler’s Divan
  • Bastakiya
  • Textile Souk
  • Heritage & Diving Village
  • Traditional Abra Ride
  • Dubai Creek

The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

A part of our Dubai holiday deals to learn about the heritage and culture of Dubai is to visit all of these ancient historic places in Dubai.The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood was built in mid-1800s. Al Fahidi Neighborhood was at one time a clamoring exchanging center for merchants and vendors.

It was advantageously arranged close to the banks of the Dubai Creek and moreover is shielded from assault by antiquated fortifications and watchtowers. Customary Emirati engineering is trademark in these reestablished and protected houses.

These have now been reestablished to fill in as boutique lodgings, craftsmanship studios and bistros. We will stroll through these houses, and comprehend their effortlessness in structure, their usefulness and their importance to how Dubai advanced. You will enjoy this place a lot in our Dubai holiday deals.

The bigger Old Dubai zone plays host to conventional architecture, various galleries, beautiful road craftsmanship, and also antiquated fortresses. Our Old Dubai Tour, one of our Dubai holiday deals, digs into the city’s legacy and investigates what early life resembled in this desert exchanging town. It’s an incredible method to find out about the conventions of Dubai.

Dubai Gold Souq, Spice Souk and Abra Ride Across the Creek

Dubai is especially popular for its Gold Souk. Most of the tourists come here to explore the different traditions and cultures. They have anexcitement to buy some extremely amazing gold gems at reasonable costs. The styles of gems offer a range from Western current plans to conventional eastern sets.

You can even discover pearls and valuable stones and moreover the accommodating venders and merchants can help you in picking something from their tremendous selections of ingots to unpredictable gems and jewelry designs. The expansive showcases of gold are a sight in themselves.

To experience more about the culture and heritage of Dubai, you will have to roam around in different places.

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