Guided Al Khatim Desert Safari tour to explore the magnificence of Al Khatim


Al Khatim desert is a vast stretch of beautiful land located some 82 kilometres from Al Ain and around 78 kilometres from Abu Dhabi. Al Khatim beauty is stunning and quiet with moving landscape coupled with openness of the desert. A visit to Al Khatim to explore its wonders may make you feel small and petty as you are exposed to the vast splendours of sands rolling and shifting from one area to another, followed by the growth of wonderful ghaf trees and continual travel gazes. Desert Safari is the major attraction of this desert along with camel races. Al Khatim Desert Safari involves a pick up from the hotel and you spend the entire day in the village having fun, do camel riding and take an off-road adventure tour involved in dune bashing. Desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi is adventurous and popular among the tourists. These safaris do stop in between to offer airs to the passengers so that they don’t have a motion sickness.

Morning Al Khatim Desert Safari Tour and the highlights

Al Khatim Desert is a charming world filled with sand dunes and a tour to Abu Dhabi without Al Khatim Desert Safari is never complete. An overnight expedition on a safari in Al Khatim receives the greatest acclaim and it is something you will love to do. All through the Safari tour, you are made to experience the vastness of the golden hills moving towards the horizon. Guided Desert Safari Tour is easy and convenient where the traveller will be picked up from the hotel and then the journey starts. Morning Al Khatim safari tour can take something around 4-5 hours, and you may be picked at 8.30am. Your journey by the car towards the vast stretch of land will be followed by came riding, dune bashing, sightseeing and sand boarding. At around 12pm or 1pm, you may sip in Arabic tea and coffee.

The evening desert safari tour to explore the wonders

Come and explore the wonders of Al Khatim by taking an evening safari tour which brings to life the sheer beauty and adventure. Right from checking out the crimson rays of the sun during sunset to dune bashing and encountering the breathtaking sceneries, the list moves on and on. A courteous safari marshal will pick you up from the hotel and take you to Al Khatim desert, chatting all the way. You may stop at the camel farm enroute to meet those gentle creatures and know their role in Emirati life.  Take a thrilling roller coaster ride in 4X4 vehicles to enjoy dune bashing, a bucking ride on the dimpled slopes of the sand dunes. This will certainly create lifetime memories and let you experience a different sort of excitement.

Check sunset from the top of the dune to drive to a different world altogether. When you see the sun dripping to the vast stretch of horizon, the sky seems to burn with orange, red and gold. The entire landscape seems to turn crimson in colour. Don’t you feel it’s like a wonder world? This is the adventure of taking Al Khatim Desert Safari. Following this, you dine in a lavish restaurant depending on your travel package.

Overnight Safari and Night Camping

After the sun has set and it is completely dark, you can head towards a traditional camp to relax under the stars or rather take up camel riding, enjoy sandboarding or henna painting besides camping. Savour the taste of Arabic food by being the part of authentic barbeque dinner and end the night by dancing around the blazing fire.

Exhilarating rumble on the sand dunes in a 4X4 vehicle will take your excitement to the next level. Arabic barbeque dinner, night time entertainment, henna painting and dancing, desert exploration on a camel, and sandboarding all the way through the sand dunes are the chief highlights of Al Khatim Desert Safari.   Check your tour package and include dune bashing, camel riding and sand boarding. Whether it is a morning desert safari or an evening desert safari, it is sure to win your heart. It is one such activity you can’t avoid during your trip to Abu Dhabi. Arabic tea and coffee is a custom and a popular protocol followed since decades. There is no end of activities in Al Khatim.