Hotels in downtown São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is considered the economic capital of Brazil (the administrative capital is Brasilia), and is one of the most populated and important cities in Latin America. For that reason, it is natural that every year many people visit it looking for all the possibilities that it offers. But if there’s one thing that characterizes São Paulo, it’s that it’s an excellent place to do business. That’s why it’s the destination many entrepreneurs choose to hold meetings or get business partners.

Hotels in São Paulo

Whether we want to visit São Paulo for work or we want to enjoy this beautiful city, surely what we are looking for are accommodations in São Paulo that are in the center and have certain characteristics that make it ideal for a stay as comfortable as possible. Therefore, today we will see two options, but the first one we will talk about is the Tryp São Paulo Iguatemi Hotel.

This hotel is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Itaim Bibi and, from there, you can access any part of the city. In addition, its facilities have everything you need to hold business meetings or simply enjoy a holiday of pleasure. Don’t miss the sauna, gym or enjoy one of their suites. A luxury hotel that well deserves its four stars.

If we want to see another option, we can choose the Tryp São Paulo Itaim Hotel. Its easy access to the city, in addition to its elegant design and decoration, make it an option that many people opt for. On the roof there is a swimming pool and also a fitness area with everything you need to exercise. It also has different event rooms. This hotel also has four stars and its prices are very competitive.

Getting to know São Paulo

Without a doubt, the downtown hotels in São Paulo help us to better enjoy the city and have everything we need at our disposal to get to know São Paulo. In addition, in the reception of each of the hotels mentioned we can ask for information about the activities and places of interest that we can visit.

There are museums and galleries that will allow us to enjoy all kinds of art. Also, we can enjoy a night of theater, since the houses of spectacles abound in this city. If we wish, we can also have a drink in a bar in the area. In São Paulo there are many and in them we will find a very pleasant atmosphere and full of fun.

If you want to buy different and local products, you will find them in countless shopping centres and shops. In addition, we cannot forget to enjoy the gastronomy of this country. There are typical dishes such as the “pastel de feira com caldo de cana” or the “frango à passarinho” that will delight our palate and allow us to enjoy other types of flavors.

We cannot miss some interesting places such as the Botanical Garden or the racetrack, in addition to many extremely interesting monuments. Without a doubt, São Paulo is an exceptional place whether we visit the city for business or pleasure.