Is a travel trailer the same as an RV?


Is there a difference between a travel trailer and an RV? It depends.

Although the term is used across the board when referring to all recreational vehicles, the differences lie in what you mean when using the term and considering travel trailers for sale. Here are a few distinct differences:


Motorhomes are standalone, and usually very large and have all the amenities of home. You’ll have a living room, kitchens, full bedrooms and more. These are usually Class A.

Class B motorhomes are regular campers and are reminiscent of a large SUV. You will have many of the same amenities but on a smaller scale. Class C motorhomes are a cross between the two.


These are pulled by another vehicle. A travel trailer can be set up at another site and can sleep up to six or more. Fifth wheel trailers need a special mount onto the truck and can be as long as 40 feel.

Popup trailers are small, fold up trailers with a canvas top. It does not require a truck to tow.


Campers are units that slide onto the bed of a pickup truck. Some also offer features such as a toilet, kitchen and shower.

Knowing the difference between RV designations can help guide you to the option most convenient and budget-friendly for you. For more information on travel trailers for sale in Corpus Christi TX, contact a member of the team at Del Air Co. & R.V. today!