Enjoying the Delicious Food at Thai Square Restaurants

Thai Square has been popular for bringing Thai food to the UK region for a significant length of time. Fulham restaurants offer a range of exotic cuisines with every one of them promising balanced, authentic, and fresh food. Thai Square’s Fulham branch has been providing customers in the UK with delicious Thai food, prepared using recipes straight out of Thailand.

The décor is amazing in the way it complements the Thai atmosphere of the restaurant. The look is a mix of contemporary luxury, mixed with ornamental dark wood walls that create a traditional appearance. The room is airy, bright, and cool due to the open bay windows.

You could begin with a round of cocktails followed up with one of the set menus. The price is a relatively competitive offering, with a wide range of main courses to choose from for the customer. You will find yourself wanting to sample a bit of everything from the wide selection of dishes offered by the restaurant. All the delicacies are specially prepared for you by the professional chefs of the restaurant.

For example, why not begin with the aromatic duck pancakes as a starter, as they have been prepared in a way that a couple of people can share. The fresh garnish adds the finishing touch to the perfectly-cooked duck that is shredded perfectly. The good quality of the meat would is the essential element of this starter meal, as well as in the other meat dishes that follow. Thai Square staff can offer recommendations that cater your specific preferences, providing you with a fresh and balanced dish. Every dish is cooked with care and perfection to provide you with a mouth-watering experience.

You will also be able to choose from the sides offered alongside the set menu. The set menu rounds off with the sweet treat of the day. Alternatively, you can choose to savour fresh fruits in the fruit salad. The service in this Thai restaurant is well-known for being friendly as well as efficient. There are several dishes on the menu that stand out from the other options available in other nearby restaurants. At Thai Square, you can enjoy Thai food offered in a fine-dining restaurant setting at a reasonable price.