Raya Island: A Place for Amazing Travel Experience

Raya Island or Koh Raya Island makes the perfect travel destination with one of the most renowned snorkelling spot in Phuket (Thailand). It is truly a remarkable place and one of Andaman most delightful tropical Islands. This gem offers a remote yet peaceful gateway like no other. But, to make your trip more exciting, it is advisable to sail Raya island by speedboat.

Background – Raya Island

Raya Island (also called the Racha Island) in Thailand, are two of the most delightful islands in South-East Asia. Located around 20 kilometres south of Phuket in southern Thailand, these island sit magnificently within the Andaman Sea. These islands are better known as (1) Raya Noi – the small island and (2) Raya Yai – the big island.

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Activities at Raya Island

  • There are heaps of activities on Raya Island tours which include a visit to the main beach. Patok Beach is the main beach and it is located on a long u-shaped bay that is weaved with fine white sand and completely clear turquoise water, an incredible area for swimming.
  • Raya Island tour additionally includes (1) Kon Kare Bay and (2) Ter Bay; these features have incredible beaches and phenomenal snorkeling areas. They are an ideal spot for water sports, diving tours, and fishing tours. These parts of the Island have bunches of ocean life packed in it and it is to be sure a place to visit.
  • Regardless of whichever beach you choose to visit, on Raya Island, there are various activities for beach lovers to enjoy including sun baking and swimming, although scuba diving and snorkelling among the stunning coral formations is very popular here. Although, if you want you can simply relax under the shade of a beach umbrella and slowly watch the day pass by.