Koh Kham and other tourists places in Pattaya

Koh Kham is a magnificent natural site situated at a distance of 1 hour on boat from Pattaya. You need to get permissions from the Thai navy to go there because it contains very delicate marine ecosystem. You can witness the crystal blue water like sapphire. You can do diving and snorkeling from the Thai Navy ships. You can have the pleasure of watching the rich habitat of Thailand under water. There are wonderful coral reefs, multi colored fishes, crabs and more aquatic animals. The overall cost of snorkeling in Pattaya ranges between 30 to 40 US dollars or 1000 baht.

Sanctuary of truth: This marvelous teak structure reveals the secrets of human development. It contains bug philosophical truths. It also shows how important is the religion to human beings. It is made of teak. This temple holds carving of elephants, Thai traditions and deities and more.

The beautiful tropical garden: It is spread in 2.4 square meters. This garden is designed as 17th century French garden and it is one of the finest garden designs in the world. It has won many international awards for its design. The tropical palm trees, the Cacti and Bonsais are in major in the garden. There are some hybrid flower plants also that can attract anybody.   

The Big Buddha Hill: It is located on Prathamnak Hills. There is 18 meters tall Buddha in golden color standing there. You can have a look over the Pattaya city from there. You can find monks and tourists visiting this place from all over the world.

The famous art gallery: The “art in paradise” gallery holds some incredible work of the paintings on its walls. The painting seems to come alive. These paintings create optical illusions for visitors. If you have clicked the picture from right angle, no one can tell that it is a painting. It seems so real. You get to desert, animals, bridges in jungles in the painting etc.