Renting a catamaran in Barcelona – recommendations

Renting a catamaran in Barcelona is an opportunity to celebrate an event or any other significant day for you in a unique, colorful, and tasteful manner. Today, numerous companies in Barcelona offer catamarans for rent at affordable prices. Modern, comfortable boats can accommodate up to 250 people, and they are safe and meet all contemporary requirements. Sailing on them is a pleasure – fresh sea air and beautiful sunny weather. Renting a catamaran is not difficult. You can, for example, contact Barcelona Boat Rental, which provides this service, by leaving your contact details. The company’s manager will select a vessel based on your requirements, discuss all rental conditions, and get in touch with you.

How to choose a catamaran for a ride?

For many visitors and residents of Barcelona, choosing a suitable option undoubtedly requires considering several parameters. If you are thinking about renting a boat in Barcelona, the following information may be useful for you:

  • The appearance of the vessel. It must match the theme of the event. If a grand pirate-themed treasure hunt is planned, a boat with an open panorama would be an excellent choice. For a retro-themed event, opt for a stylish retro sailboat. In this regard, it is essential to decide on the celebration’s theme before choosing a boat.
  • Boat layout. This criterion is significant, especially if a children’s party or business negotiations are planned. Additional banquet halls and cabins will make your stay on the boat as comfortable as possible.
  • Personal assessment of the vessel. Before embarking on a journey, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the boat. If you visually like it, you can make a final decision.

The main criterion for renting a catamaran is capacity. Therefore, before deciding on a rental, it is crucial to determine how many guests will be on the boat. How much does it cost to rent a boat temporarily? This is the second question that concerns many renters. This matter should be discussed separately, as it depends on the list of additional services included in the rental (banquet, entertainment program, etc.). The higher the class and size of the vessel, the higher the final price. The total cost of renting a boat temporarily depends on the chosen route and the number of stops made. We recommend booking a catamaran rental on the website

You can rent a reliable, comfortable, and safe sea route in Barcelona regardless of the scale of the planned event. All boats meet safety requirements, as they undergo regular maintenance. Before setting sail, the vessel’s reliability is thoroughly checked by specialists. The managing staff pays close attention to each passenger.