Sailboat rental in Tenerife - great offers

Sailboat rental in Tenerife – great offers

Sailboats are widely used for both amateur and professional recreation. Many believe that sailing on a sailboat is an excellent solution for those who live near the sea. You can enjoy a great vacation on a sailboat by cruising the ocean. In the summer, you can see a large number of sailboats on the coast of Tenerife. Here, enthusiasts sail and competitions take place. Regional or international sailing regattas are a fascinating spectacle. If you dream of joining this type of vacation, then renting a sailboat in Tenerife can help you with this.

Main vacation options

There are many companies in Tenerife that offer this service. There are many options for sailboat vacations:

  • A one-day sea walk around Tenerife
  • An exciting cruise through the expanses of the ocean with friends and family
  • Exciting sightseeing tours along the ocean coast to explore local surroundings

The route of the future trip and the number of stops must be thought out in advance. It is compiled taking into account the free time and budget. The time spent on board will give many positive emotions. You can rent a sailboat in Tenerife on this page:

Sailing on a sailboat will appeal not only to men but also to women and children. Teenage children will enjoy riding a yacht and engaging in various water sports. It is a very exciting activity. While sailing, you can gain management skills, and learn endurance, and determination. If you have very young children, it is not recommended to take them on board. Small children cannot move freely around the deck. Children can be taken on an exciting journey starting from three years old. There are special protective nets on board. The child will be safe. On board, children can find many entertainments.

The main advantage of sailing on a sailboat is that the boat is moved by wind, which contributes to economical fuel consumption. A sailboat can reach speeds of up to 5-8 knots. You can sail up to 45 nautical miles in a day. Modern models have excellent sailing characteristics, and are reliable and maneuverable. A quiet walk on a sailboat will appeal to those who appreciate a calm vacation. Strolling leisurely through the local surroundings, you can enjoy all the sights and beautiful weather. The journey will be comfortable. Modern boats are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and safe trip. There is a zone in the cabin for eating, and a shower is available. If desired, you can rent a yacht with amenities such as a TV, air conditioning, music, etc. The interiors of modern watercraft are cozy and conducive to a comfortable vacation.