Royal Holiday Vacation Club Puts In Place Safety Measures To Help You Relaxed During Coronavirus


The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is passionate about offering customers a truly memorable experience as they tour some of the most interesting destinations in the world. The company chief customer service said that they understand that the health crisis due to coronavirus has presented numerous challenges, including increased cost of providing services. However, Royal Holiday Vacation Club appreciates that the financial strength of many people has been impaired. With this in mind, they have focused more on customer enjoyment instead of cost. 

Therefore, customers do not need to worry about the cost since the Club has a clear vacation and travel price schedule that is made available at the time of signing up for the services. As a service provider that understands that trying moments require a trusted friend, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has ensured that members are not worried about extra charges that can spoil what is otherwise meant to be an enjoyable and pleasant vacation. Perhaps this is what has made Royal Holiday Vacation Club to be globally appreciated as a caring and thriving vacation experience for travel enthusiasts around the world.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is happy to welcome all its members from across the world to experience a world-class opportunity to explore the world’s most exquisite places in style and luxury knowing that their health is well taken care of. By signing up for services with Royal Holiday Vacation Club, you are assured of being in a safe pair of hands of a team of dedicated staff. The head of operations said they have ensured that all our frontline staff as well as those offering essential background services are tested and certified to be COVID-19 free before they are allowed to provide any kind of service. In addition, the company has developed a safety travel plan that will not only ensure your protection but also ensure you enjoy the convenience no other provider can offer. 

At Royal Holiday Vacation Club, the staff are prepared to offer you a travel experience characterized by relaxation and worry-free experience. As the world continues to grapple with the overwhelming effects of COVID-19 pandemic and the health crisis of a century, many organizations are at crossroads of whether to provide services or risk thousands of lives of their esteemed customers. Royal Holiday Vacation Club is happy to share with you some of the strategies and protocols they have put in place to help you enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your health. As a company that believes in providing world-class travel and vacation services, Royal Holiday Vacation Club has invested heavily in ensuring the safety of its clients by putting in place health risk management solutions in line with the government protocols and containment measures all geared towards giving you the peace of mind during your vacation tour.

Our safety and risk mitigation measures are geared towards ensuring that all contact services, including water supply, food, as well as recreation centers and accommodation places comply with the World Health Organization’s safety standards and risk mitigation measures. The safety monitoring has considered at least four key areas of concern, including rooms, food, water, pool services. In addition, the company has partnered with various groups and organizations to support their safety programs as they focus on enhancing the safety of customers while both onboard or at their facilities. 


Through their well-crafted safe guest and traveler program, clients are guaranteed unique experiences for members as well as guests from the time they check-in until their departure. Their safety plan covers a number of areas throughout your travel and stay, including the following:

  • Disinfecting entry points, surfaces, shoe rugs and other key areas of the facilities
  • Sanitizing stations
  • Checking temperature of clients in different parts of the facility
  • Taking a questionnaire at the rime of signing in in order to keep track of contacts
  • Disinfecting luggage
  • Ensuring social and physical distancing throughout the facility guided by the WHO social distancing criteria
  • Providing isolation and quarantine areas for people suspected to be positive for coronavirus.
  • Providing all clients with a health guide on how to manage oneself to prevent the spread of coronavirus
  • Providing personal hygiene kit for every guest upon checking-in

Other measures aimed at enhancing the safety of all clients include:

Regular sanitation and cleaning of washrooms and other common areas,

Intensified security and hygiene measures for the handling of food and beverages,

Reducing capacity in restaurants and bars to meet the safety standards,

Sealing all cutlery and accessories

Regular training of all the staff on safety, security and hygiene protocols

Strict access to their facility by both staff, visitors and suppliers

Now that you know a few of the safety and risk measures that the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is taking to cushion its members from the health risks presented by COVID-19, you can comfortably apply to take advantage of custom services during your upcoming vacation trip.