Why one should explore desert safari

Are you on vacation? Are you thinking of planning your trip to somewhere? Do you want a suitable plan for your trip? Don’t waste more time. I have an idea. Plan your trip to Dubai desert safari. We have some amazing offers. I am focussing on the Dubai desert safari because it is an interesting package and it comprises of so many activities that you can actually not experience in your daily life routine. The activities at Dubai desert safari are very unique and they cover all the aspects of the desert. The Arabian Desert is beautiful and the activities are entertaining as well.

The activities of Dubai desert safari can only be experienced at the Arabian Desert because it is all about Sand dunes and the activities are perfect for Sand dunes. Our driver will take you to the desert and that is the point from where your journey starts.

Dune bashing:
Dune bashing is the first activity at desert safari Dubai. Land cruiser or hummer is used for dune bashing. Do take your sunglasses with you. Driving at a desert is not easy because the Sand dunes are not flat. They are of different heights. Our driver is a pro in driving at the desert. 

Quad biking:
You cannot try a four-wheeled bike on the main road but you can try it in the desert. Quad biking is a crazy experience. If you don’t know the mechanism then don’t worry our instructors will help you. We will guide you each and everything about quad biking. What you have to do is just learn and go for this most thrilling experience at desert safari Dubai. You will enjoy t the most I am sure about it.

Camel riding:
This ride is known to be the most relaxed ride here at desert safari Dubai. You will enjoy every bit of this ride. You can see each and every corner of the desert safari while riding through the back of the camel. This activity is the calmest activity that one can do. 

Fire show:
This activity is a part of night camping at the desert safari. You will see people playing with the fire strings and will fall in love with this kind of experience. 

Tanoura dance:
Do you want to see the professional Sufi dance? Come to desert safari night camping see the most professional Sufi dance. You will see people performing so decently but attracting a lot of people. 

Belly dance:
Belly dance is a kind of entraining activity. In this dance the belly dance professional at belly dancing with the best services. You will see how much entertained you will get while having an experience of t. 

Henna art:
This art is the most beautiful art at the desert safari. You can easily decorate your hands through henna which is removed after some days automatically.

BBQ dinner:
Have the best dinner in own. Desert safari has the best BBQ dinner go to offer at night camping. Go for it. 

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