6 Romantic Places To Visit In USA

The United States of America is more than just tall skyscrapers and paved walkways. Away from its bustling cities is a whole host of places with a modest and quaint atmosphere, perfect for your romantic getaway. The Land of the Free is relatively easy to enter, needing only a USA Visa or a USA ESTA, so it is a prime destination for those who want to fall in love.

So couples, furnish your applications for ESTA if you want to visit these six excellent places perfect for romance in the USA.

Rhode Island

Providence City is a charming place, boasting Venice-esque canals and waterways. At night, the WaterFire art installation lights up Riverwalk, affording a tourist, or two, a majestic gondola ride down Providence. Cobblestone sidewalks lead to a romantic riverside dining experience at New Rivers.

Newport is a city by the sea, and a town by the sea is perfect for one thing: strolls down the coastline. Indulging in seafood with your loved one, or simply admiring the view of the setting sun, you can’t go wrong in Newport and Rhode Island.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Aloha! Honolulu’s beaches and sunlight are why couples would go here, but there are other activities, especially for the adventurous ones. Scuba diving, banana boat kayaking, zip lining, swimming, there are ample opportunities for all. Cap off your day by heading to their waterfront diners while admiring the evening performances.

Georgetown, Washington, DC

Georgetown is for the art lovers and history enthusiasts. History buffs would be ecstatic to be in the place where Thomas Jefferson and John Kennedy once resided, dine in areas they once ate in, and walk in places they once walked on.

Gas lamp-lit cobblestone pathways, as well as exciting and intriguing neoclassical art museums and neighborhoods, set the backdrop on a quaint little walk where the two of you will undoubtedly fall in love.

Napa Valley, San Francisco

Ever wanted a wine date, with picnic spots and balconies overlooking lush rolling vineyards? Ever wished to walk through a grape field, then tasting the wine the grapes result into? Ever wanted ‘dinner hopping’ from one acclaimed to another acclaimed restaurant?

Napa Valley is it, then.

Chicago, Illinois

Imagine, a dinner one night, not too cold nor too hot, on the Hancock Tower. You reserve a window-side spot overlooking the bustling and beautiful Chicago nighttime skyline. Your partner walks in, dressed to kill. The waiter sets up the dinner you ordered earlier, all sorts of food for all kinds of tastes.

That is Chicago, one of the more romantic cities in the US.

New Mexico

New Mexico is heavily influenced by Spain due to the former being a Spanish colony, and it shows. Albuquerque is lined with shops, galleries, and building laden with that irresistible Spanish flair. And for that truly one of a kind romantic experience, experience the hot air balloon festival during fall. Ascend to the skies with the love of your life, while looking down on views that seem to go on for miles.

Gather your ESTA Visa, and your partner, and go on exciting trips to these destinations. Anywhere is a beautiful place when you have your beloved, but these spots just kindle the romance so much more.