A Complete Guide to Palace of Versailles in Paris

Palace of Versailles is the royal residence of Louis XIV and one of the most visited places in Paris. Millions of people visit Versailles to see the palace and 250 acres of manicured lawns and fountains. The palace was built by more than thirty thousand workers who worked for fifty years to complete this project. This French Landmark is also a World Heritage Site.

The Palace has 67 staircases, 1,253 fireplaces and 2,143 windows. During the French Revolution, the art pieces were shifted to the Louvre to keep it safe. The Hall of Mirrors, The Grand Apartment, Opera Auditorium, The Chapel, Marie Antoinette’s Apartment and the Grand Trianon are some of the impressive features of this palace.

As the place is always crowded, it is advised to book your tickets online to make your trip hassle free. If you have a Paris museum pass then you can enter any building but make sure not to buy tickets for the Pristine garden for Tuesday, weekends and holiday season.

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Trip Guide to Versailles

You can easily reach the palace of Versailles through the train. From the station Champ de Mars you can easily get a train to the station Versailles Rive Gauche station and then a short walking tour for 5 minutes will take you to your destination.  The train route is hardly for thirty minutes. You have to pass the security check at the grand courtyard before entering the palace ‘s security entrance. You cannot carry large bags with you and make sure that you wear proper walking shoes in the palace.

To enhance the experience of the visitors a new entrance is opened to the chateau inside the renovated house Dufour pavilion.  The place of Versailles has world class cuisine. Visiting upstairs you will find a restaurant by Alain Ducasse. You must have signature dishes like breast of guinea fowl with fennel and peaches or the coquillette pasta with ham or the Comte cheese and black truffle.

The restaurant is the beautiful place with lots of architectural prints. After having the meal just finish it up with the Ducasse’s bean to bar chocolate.

How come we forget the art? The palace of Versailles is all surrounded by beautiful art. You can see the best art works presented by Anish Kappor, Jeff Koons and others. All of the art work is presented in an exhibition. From past ten years the palace has organized such wonderful exhibitions that has left everyone amazed.

Whenever we go on holidays or a beautiful place the most important thing, we all love to do is clicking pictures. The palace of Versailles is the place to get the best shots. You must seek some tips from professional photographers to get the best picture of the palace.

The rooms in the palace are dark so you must use a good camera. The garden outside the palace is an amazing place to click pictures. The park in winter has a different look as the sculptures are being covered with clothes to prevent them from cold that gives an amazing look. The crowd behind you cannot be avoided but their addition can make your picture look real.

These were some of the tips that you can consider for your Versailles trip.