Cottonwood Camping and RV Park

The city kids nowadays are missing the thrills of the joys which one could feel when one comes in contact with nature. Catching frogs from a small pond or seeing a night sky full of stars is like a distant dream for today’s kids. Therefore, to share the thrill of playing around in the open space or on a farm the owners of this camping site decided that city people nowadays definitely need an open space where all could enjoy together. That is how the idea of Cottonwood came into existence. Cottonwood Camping and a visit to RV Park are wonderful activities to indulge in.

Adventure camping for the outdoor enthusiast! ATV trail access, horse camping or guided rides, tree houses, RV sites, tenting and more! Cottonwood Camping and RV Park is centrally located in the heart of Down East Maine near Columbia Falls, but mainly in the rural coastal town. Located in the lap of nature, the goal of the founders is to provide the best of adventure sports to people of all age.

The camping ground is based on a whopping 170 acres of land and is situated right at the heart of the old railroad bed, now popularly known as the Sunrise Trail Road. This trial bed continues for a stretch of 80 miles beyond the town of Machias to the town of Ellsworth. No doubt Cottonwood Camping and RV park would give all the adventure lovers, plenty of space to breathe free.

This trail bed of Cottonwood Camping and RV Park allows a number of sports and are enjoyed by hikers, dog walkers, ATV bikers and Dirt bikers alike. Besides, you could indulge in horse riding which is definitely a passion for many.

The Facilities of Spending a Holiday at the Cottonwood Camping

Besides direct trail to the Sunrise Trail Road which would directly begin from the front door of the camps that you would be staying in. The amenities of the camping spot includes a big rig, back-in sites, tenting, group camping as well as rental units. You get all these facilities along with your own private attached bath and a laundry room as well. A very recent addition to the cap is the Little Bird Tiny Cabin which is ready for accommodation for two and is absolutely adorable!

Perks Of Visiting The Downhill

The Down East is the Blueberry Capital of the world, so be prepared to find thousands of acres of blueberry land in full bloom, if you are to visit here.

Be ready to be enthralled by nature and put away your busy schedules and do visit the Cottonwood Camping and RV Park.