Let’s Visit These 5 Destinations Around Lake Toba

Ever visited a supervolcano? Take a look at these items to do in Lake Toba and its environment to immerse in the adventure completely! Hidden from the hinterland of Northern Sumatra, Lake Toba, using its luscious greenery and blue seas, is fast becoming a popular destination in the region. Covering over 1200km², the region around Lake Toba is currently among the most diverse in Southeast Asia, also clearly different from everywhere else in Indonesia. Before you jump onto the bandwagon and rush to the lake, here are a few things you definitely should do during your trip to Lake Toba.

1.   Visit the tallest waterfall in Indonesia

In the northern tip of Lake Toba is located Sipiso-piso waterfall, the maximum dip waterfall in Indonesia at 120m. The waterfall has been formed while the property closer to the crater lake collapsed, exposing an underground river on the side of the cliff. Trek down to the base of the waterfall and let the river rain down on you. Talk with a refreshing experience! The beauty of Lake Toba is understated. Don’t forget to bring a camera and click away within this region of glorious natural wonder!

2.   Conquer the peaks of Pusuk Buhit

Even the Pusuk Bihit hill is a sacred symbol of Batak culture, stated to be the birthplace of the Batak tribe. The 5-hour increase is manageable even for novices, offering some stunning panoramas of Lake Toba and the neighboring villages from almost 2000 meters above sea level. If you are interested in knowing more about Batak culture and the foundation of the active volcano, then think about hiring a local guide to function as an interpreter between you and the local tribespeople.

3.   Stop and smell the roses at Sapo Juma Tongging Garden

The Sapo Juma Tongging Garden is perfect for impressing that special someone, catching some Insta-worthy snaps, or just taking in the vast quantity of flora that abounds here. What sets this property apart is that it boasts panoramic views of the Lake from atop the Tongging Village. Take your time meandering through this tranquil storyline and genuinely enjoy the scale of Lake Toba.

4.   Chill by the lake

Immerse from the magnificence of the lake by having a picnic or a stroll from the lake. There’s not any better way to love nature than taking your time to enjoy it. Lay down a picnic table pad, or simply catch a beach chair from one of the numerous lakeside resorts and just have a glass of iced tea or 2. How does a visit to the lake be complete without a dip in the water? Positioned in the fresh waters of the lake right at the doorstep of the lakeside hotel. Watch out for rocks and shallow beds before diving in! If swimming isn’t your thing, you can find other water activities available such as jet skiing which you’re able to take a look at!

5.   Climb Mount Sibayak

Just like the remainder of Indonesia, Sumatra has numerous dormant and active volcanoes (nicely, Lake Toba is a substantial one itself). Maybe you would like to challenge yourself by taking a hike to the summit of a few of those dormant volcanoes. Popular with locals and locals alike, Mt. Sibayak is situated close to the town of Berastagi, only two hours north of Lake Toba. Create an overnight camping and hiking trip together with dozens of other swimmers to find the sunrise. You will not regret the effort to get there! You can find locally run warm springs in the region if you would like to have a dip.

Before you plan a trip to Lake Toba, be sure to read more about Lake Toba and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.