The Best Unique Jakarta Hotels Are the Best Place to Stay During Your Vacation

Getting more experiences to explore Indonesia as one of you big vacation is very much precious. Therefore, you need to prepare all the things good including the right hotel to stay. In this article, there are some best unique Jakarta hotels that can be a preference for you to stay in comfy suite. You can see that the hotel in Indonesia is not only serving the cozy place to stay but also some other facilities to fulfill your needs including sport, entertainment, and many other else. So, it is not only the matter of having place to stay during vacation, but also getting satisfied in your hotel as one of the experience in great vacation.

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In these following points, let us see some unique hotels in Jakarta and know more facilities that will be supporting your vacation become better and interesting.


  1. The first recommended hotel for you is Ambhara hotel. The front look of this building is unique and elegant so that it is interesting to visit. It might be one of the best unique Jakarta hotels ever that also provides many facilities. There is a coffee bar that serves the best coffee and food for you. This is the spot that is very much recommended for the visitor especially those who have been working out in the gym. In this hotel, there is also a sport center that can be the right place for you to do exercises. You can also get relaxed by having a great sauna service which will be the most perfect choice after getting busy exploring Jakarta.
  2. Keraton at the Plaza is also a great hotel to choose. This hotel will steal your attention since the first time you arrive in the hotel. You will see the view of the hotel in great décor and unique arrangement. This hotel is also having a great shopping spots that will help you get your needs easily. Moreover, if you want to have vacation but also meeting with some your colleague, in this hotel you can get the best facilities for it.
  3. The next hotel that is very much great to book is Grandkemang hotel. This is a great building that provides many rooms with great facilities for sports, entertainment, coffee bar, restaurants, and friendly service. This is 4 stars hotel but with all its facilities, it deserves for 5 stars predicate. The laundry service in this hotel is also great so that you might get the best facilities even when you go for the vacation with your children. Your children will stay free in this hotel with you as long as they are under 10 years old.

So, you can see the hotels are not only great in facilities, but also helpful to fulfill your needs. During a great vacation, you might also get great experience in your place to stay. Therefore, you can do the best unique Jakarta hotels reservation right now after planning you great vacation in Jakarta with your big family.