How to enjoy your Low Cost holidays in Barcelona

One of the many advantages of visiting Barcelona for your holidays is that you don’t need to necessarily spend a horrible amount of money. It’s not like visiting Paris or London, where you know your wallet is going to be empty by the second day you are in town. Barcelona is different, even if it does offer some really expensive options you can also choose to enjoy the Low Cost Barcelona.

In this post we are going to give you some tips so that you enjoy this Mediterranean city without spending all your savings.

Find the right apartment

Hotels can get pretty expensive especially on high season, but if you know where to look you will always find some cheap holiday apartments in Barcelona. You just need to have the patience to look and call around until you find the best option. Moreover, renting an apartment is also cheaper because it gives you access to a kitchen. That means you don’t need to be having breakfast, lunch and dinner in cafés and restaurant all day long. So this difference can really make your budget.

Avoid touristic spots

This is rule number one for Low Cost holidays in Barcelona. If you go to touristic spots (such as La Rambla or Sagrada Familia) try to be sure you won’t make any expenses. In case you are hungry, for example, run away to another place where local people would have lunch. Touristic areas are always crazily overprized so you better avoid them if you don’t want to be fooled.

Look for free plans

Specially if you are visiting Barcelona during the summer months you should know there are many street events that are totally free. You could come across a concert in a square or enjoy a movie in an outdoor cinema right in the middle of the beach. Check out these kind of events on the internet, choose the one you like the most or the one is closer to you and enjoy the free plan!

Visit the neighborhoods

Don’t stay your whole holidays in the city center. It’s crowded and everything is much more expensive. You may want to try an authentic paella or drink some good homemade sangria. Then take the bus, the subway, the bicycle o your own feet and walk to some populous neighborhood where you will find the really authentic dining places. Moreover, these places will always be much more affordable than the ones in the city center.

Look for Low Cost flights

You may want to know, that besides El Prat Airport you can also travel to Girona Airport or Reus Airport and there, take a bus that in one hour will take you to the center of Barcelona. Compare the fares between these options and take into account that you will have to pay around 15 euros for the bus. In case it really makes the difference and you’ve got the time, then you may want to land a little bit further from the city.

These are our tips for enjoying some cheap holidays in Barcelona, just go there and find out your own ones!