Dubai City Tours

Dubai is the only city in the world where every person of every color, religion and, nationality is welcome. Dubai with its futuristic architecture and hot sands is a beautiful city to be toured. There are huge luxurious shopping malls and deserts for safari. Dubai is the only city in the world which offers each and every adventure known to man. Tourism companies for example like Phoenix Desert Safari Tours offer many deals with different prices targeting different types of people. They offer Dhow Creek Cruise for people who want to go on intimate dinners and they offer thrilling adventures for people who are seeking adrenaline rush.

The top three things you should do in Dubai

Dubai is the hottest tourist destination at this moment. We have compiled three things for you to do once you’re in Dubai.

1) Dubai City tour

If this is your first time to Dubai then you should definitely go on Dubai City Tour. Mostly all of the tourism companies for example like Phoenix Desert Safari Tours offer tours of this beautiful city and that too at the cheap price of 60 AED. There are a lot of places to visit and many captivating pictures to take. You can visit places like Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Burj Khalifa and, much more.

2) Desert Safari and Hatta Safari

You should definitely go on a Desert or Hatta Safari on the powerful SUVs the tour companies’ offer. You get to watch belly dancing at nights and go on Dune Bashing in the mornings. You can go Quad biking or sandboarding on the red glittery sands of Arabia. On Safari you will get to experience the Arabian cultures first hand, for example, you will get to ride exotic camels and eat Arabian flavored B.B.Q’s. This beautiful adventure will forever stay with you.

3) Dubai fountains and other beautiful sights

The dancing fountains are truly mesmerizing and they repeat after every half an hour. The show they put is simply spectacular. You should go to the Dolphin Bay for once in a lifetime experience where you get to watch the exotic dolphins put on a show. If you want to be left spellbound then you should go and visit the Dubai Miracle Gardens. This garden is filled with each and every flower perfectly arranged to leave you out of breath with its beauty.

These were the three things we thought you should do. If you liked or preferred another activity,then please tell us about it in the comment section below.