Traveling especially when you have kids can really be overwhelming. Navigating through the airport alone can be challenging, but with the right preparations and knowing what to expect and what to do before and during your flight can help you a lot in dealing with challenges you may encounter during your travel. Here are a few tips that may come in handy for when you are navigating the airport with your kids:

  1. Prior to your travel, talk to the kids about what to do and expect in the airport. This is a good time for you to get your kids excited about the trip and tell them how to properly behave on the day of the travel at the same time. Have them briefed about the process and dos and don’ts inside the airport, and let them know the things they should do if ever they get separated from you.
  2. Let the kids bring their own backpack. Letting them have their own bags give them a sense of adventure. You can also pack your essentials, as well as toys in their bag so you don’t have to put everything in yours.
  3. Bring some playthings for the kids to play. There is nothing so embarrassing than being the parent of a screaming kid in the airport. Kids can easily be bored when they are not doing anything, so make sure to bring little teddy and their small toys and gadgets to distract them from boredom and keep them on their best behavior while flying. Inquire about play areas in the airport where your kids can burn off their energy, and let them enjoy fun airport activities while waiting for your boarding.
  4. Don’t forget the snacks. Kids can easily throw full-blown tantrums when they are hungry. Remember to always keep them fed and watered, and keep them from having major meltdowns. This may also be the best time for you to buy them those gimmicky foods and snacks you don’t usually buy. Kids are happy when they get surprises and how better could it be to have their favorite cartoon character in their snacks.
  5. Wear the right clothes when traveling. Do yourself a favor and wear comfortable clothes when you travel. It also helps if you would dress yourself and your kids in layers, so it will be easy for you to take it off and put it back on when temperature change in the airport and in the plane. Breathable fabrics, loose-fitting clothing, and comfortable flat shoes are also good options to wear in your travel. Having clothes with a lot of pockets will also be useful as it does double duty as wearable carry-on bags.
  6. Check your flight status before leaving for the airport. Make use of flightstatus24 on checking the status of your flight. Checking your flight before leaving your house can help you anticipate any delay, possible cancellation and/or changes. Being ready for any changes will do you so much better especially if you have kids traveling with you.
  7. Make a note of what the kids are wearing before arriving at the airport. This will come in handy especially when they get separated from you. Taking a photo of your kids and letting them wear bold color scheme clothes will also help you locate them easily when they get lost.
  8. Get to the airport early. One of the most important things to set in mind while traveling with kids is that you should arrive early at the airport. Checking in with children can take too much time than ordinary. Being stuck in line behind tour groups in your plane can be exhausting especially when you have kids and all of your bags to mind. Always arrive early and beat them in the check-in.
  9. Let the kids lead and be in charge. Traveling is a great way to teach children patience and responsibility. Giving them a copy of their boarding pass, asking them to figure out gate numbers and shuttle schedules or letting them handle the currency exchange can be a new adventure for them. The more they get involved in an experience, the lesser they get bored and better behaved. They also learn new skills and knowledge that they can use not only in traveling but also in life.
  10. Utilize strollers and carts in the airport. Carts are free of charge and will let you walk comfortably inside the airport. If you have a stroller with you and you know that your child can walk, let the kids walk and make use of the strollers and put your carry-on baggage inside. This will also help in burning off the energy of your kids before boarding your flight.
  11. Go to the washroom before boarding. If you get too early in the gate, try to schedule going to the bathroom before boarding. There will be times when the kids will refuse to go but do it anyway. The last thing you want to deal in the plane is your kids whining to pee and asking to go to the bathroom.
  12. Board in the plane early. This will give you more time to organize and settle in everything you need onboard. It is also easier to settle in your seats when the plane is near empty. Make it a habit of being an early bird in boarding your flight because it makes a lot of difference.